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General Motors: Company Overview And Comparative Analysis

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General Motors Corporation's group activities are categorized into two business segments: Automotive and Other Operations, and Financing and Insurance Operations. The Automotive and other operations segment designs, manufactures, and markets cars, trucks, locomotives and heavy-duty transmissions and related parts and accessories. The Financing and insurance operations segment operates through General Motors Acceptance Corporation and other financing firms. The financing services include consumer vehicle financing, full-service leasing and fleet leasing, dealer financing and car and truck extended service contracts, residential and commercial mortgage services, commercial and vehicle insurance and asset-based lending. The insurance operations provide automobile and homeowners insurance, automobile mechanical protection, reinsurance and commercial insurance. The Group operates in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Latin America.Competitor AnalysisGeneral Motors Corporation operates in the Motor vehicles and car bodies section. My analysis compares General Motors with three other major automobile manufacturers: Ford Motor Company (2005 sales of $177.09 billion of which 87% was Automotive), DaimlerChrysler AG of Germany (149.78 billion Euro ([US$181.33 billion) of which 33% was Chrysler Cars), and Toyota Motor Corporation which is based in Japan (18.55 trillion Japanese Yen (US$156.57 billion) of which 92% was Automotive).Sales AnalysisGeneral Motors reported sales of $192.60 billion for the year ending December of 2005. This represents a decrease of 0.5% versus 2004, when the company's sales were $193.52 billion. The sales level in 2005 was fairly close to the level five years ago: General Motors had sales of $182.91 billion in 2000.Recent Sales at General Motors183177186185194193200020012002200320042005(Figures in Billions of U.S. Dollars)Most of General Motors 2005's sales were in its home market of the United States. In 2005, this region's sales were $127.32 billion, which is equivalent to 66.1% of total sales. On a geographical basis, contributing to the decline in the company's sales in 2005 were the declines in the United States, where sales dropped 5.3% to $127.32 billion. Sales in France were also lower, falling 2.1% to $2.61 billion. However, not all regions experienced a decline in sales. Sales in Canada and Mexico increased 8.3% to $16.77 billion. Sales also increased in the United Kingdom, up 3.9% to $7.86 billion and in Germany, up 10.0% to $7.38 billion. In Brazil sales went up 27.7% to $3.81 billion, and in Spain sales were up 7.0% to $2.85 billion.While the company's sales decreased slightly in 2005, all three comparable companies experienced an increase in sales between 3.2% and 7.3%. General Motors currently has 335,000 employees. With sales of $192.60 billion, this equals out to sales of $574,937 per employee. This is fairly close to all three competing companies, which had sales between $473,778 and $590,297 per...

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