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General Motors Inc. Essay

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General Motors incorporates entrepreneurship and innovation into its business objectives. This is evident in General Motors Vision statement which states that its goal is to “lead in advanced technologies and quality by creating the world’s best vehicles”. (1) For instance General Motors has an extensive R & D, Design, and Engineering department that oversees the creativity, innovation, and invention of its strategic technologies and innovation programs which are aligned with its corporate vision. In order to lead in advanced technologies of the world’s best vehicles General Motors incorporates entrepreneurship and innovation concepts, which are essential to competing in the global market place.(2) In the spirit of entrepreneurship, which is the process of discovering new ways of combining resources,(5) General Motors is a majority shareholder in GM Daewoo Auto & Technology Company of South Korea, and has product, powertrain and purchasing collaborations with Suzuki Motor Corporation in Japan.(3) These associations allow General Motors to maneuver into specific customer markets and broaden its product base. Being an innovative organization also requires General Motors to establish advanced technology collaborations, which it has with Daimler AG and BMW AG of Germany and Toyota Motor Corp. of Japan (3) as well as promoting competitiveness and deferring the cost of the research and development. (2)
One example of innovation, which is the process of devising a new idea or thing, or improving an existing idea (5), is the two-mode hybrid system being used today on GM’s hybrid pickups and SUV’s. This was a result of the partnership between BMW and GM in which both manufacturers benefited. BMW benefited from GM’s battery, extended range EV and fuel research and GM from BMW’s advanced engine designs. (3) Above all, innovation will allow General Motors to capture market share in these difficult times. Similarly government regulations in the United States and Europe are tightening up, consequently requiring cars to be cleaner and more fuel efficient. As a result, the collaboration with BMW is paramount to getting the most fuel efficient vehicles to the market in a timely manner so that GM can harvest a substantial profit. (3) In addition General Motors is working on the next generation of fuel efficient and gasoline free vehicles to help reduce the impact of the vehicle on the environment, while preserving personal mobility, which further indicates its commitment to innovation. (6)
General Motors applies the IEEE Spectrum Patents Scorecard to measure its patent prowess in the automotive and parts industry where GM was ranked third in the 2010 patent power rankings. This was a decline from the number one position it held in the 2008 patent power rankings. (7) Correspondingly, GM Engage is another tool that is exercised to measure innovation. It is a crowd sourcing instrument designed to harness the knowledge and creativity of every GM employee for...

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