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General Or Individual? Essay

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Shakespeare’s play, Macbeth, begins with the protagonist, Macbeth, being faced with a supernatural prophecy. The temptation of power further corrupts Macbeth as the play progresses, until his murders catch up to him. Despite the time in which a man lives, he is surrounded by opportunity and the constant battle between the loss and acquisition of power. For those deep in search for power often experience the blurring of the lines between right and wrong. In the 17th century, gender roles were strict and unmoving. Men symbolized the power and strength, while the women represented the caring and submissive traits of human nature. Shakespeare utilizes Macbeth and Lady Macbeth’s marriage to ...view middle of the document...

When Macbeth is given news of his future as king, he has reservations about acting on his fate. He questions whether the prophecy will “crown [him] without [his] stir” (I.4.57-58). His hesitation so completely contrasts Lady Macbeth’s reaction, when she hears that Duncan will be staying at Inverness, she states that “O, never shall sun that morrow see!”, her ambition taking control and taking advantage of Duncan staying the night at Inverness (I.6.71-72). Her statement throws a wrench Macbeth’s debate with himself. Macbeth’s uncertainty serves as evidence of the presence of his morals. While Macbeth understands the severity of killing the king, his wife views his irresolution as a sign of weakness. Macbeth’s announcement, after hearing the prophecy, of his idea to kill Duncan causes Lady Macbeth to become irritated and claim that Macbeth is “too full o’ th’ milk of human kindness” and that he wants the “art without the ambition” (I.5.16-17). Lady Macbeth cannot fathom how Macbeth can have strong morals, yet also have the ambition needed for murder. Her misunderstanding of him causes her to push Macbeth past his limits and into corruption.
As Duncan obliviously approaches his death, Macbeth remains uncertain and Lady Macbeth grows tireless; she does not understand Macbeth’s hesitation in comparison to her drive; therefore, she resorts to societal pressures to push him over the edge. His lack of presence at the feast not only frustrates Lady Macbeth, but also produces suspicion among the guests. Macbeth’s uncertainty offends Lady Macbeth and she draws the conclusion that he is going back on his word to kill Duncan. Throughout play, Lady Macbeth has defies gender roles in every aspect, but she relies on stereotypes of motherly love and creates a morbid visual of killing her own child if it meant keeping a promise she made to Macbeth; not only does she defy gender roles, but by mentioning killing her own child, she horrifies her audience and Macbeth himself. She remarks that his cowardly behavior is feminine and “when [he] durst do it, then [he was] a man”, by calling him a woman, she not only insults his masculinity, but makes him want to prove himself to her (I.7.56). Her plan does work for her benefit, but once Macbeth murders Duncan, he instantly regrets it and feels the burden of guilt
After murdering Duncan, Macbeth becomes so wrought with guilt, but Lady Macbeth doesn’t relent, continuing to spoil his innocence and destroy his conscience. After killing Duncan, Macbeth messes up the plan and forgets to leave the bloody daggers with the servants, in order to frame them for the crime. When Macbeth appears to be in a state of shock, she angrily takes the bloody daggers and completes the plan herself. When she returns to find Macbeth still in shock, she becomes exasperated and snaps that her “hands are of your color, but I shame to wear a heart so white” (II.2.83-84). Though Lady Macbeth has recognized Macbeth’s morals, her direct attack on...

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