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Public School Uniforms Essay

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EnglishArgument Essayublic School Uniformshad beena. In the 16th century, England was the first nation to require school uniforms.hetWhen Uniforms were started in England,; they were to distinguish the poor children attending charity schools from other children. It wasn't untilto be worn by elite studentswere notstudentslater thatyearsstudents.Name: Simran MongaProfessor: Brian DunniganCourse: English 100Date: 23 September 2014PUBLIC SCHOOL UNIFORMSA school uniform is a standardized outfit designed for students in educational institution. They date back to the 16 th century as a part of British tradition of schooling in England. In this argument, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages various people have brought forth regarding the uniforms. We will show that an approach can be devised, that enables the uniforms to be used in a totally positive and constructive way.HISTORY OF SCHOOL UNIFORMSThe very early uniforms served the purpose of education by providing the underprivileged children attending charity schools at low costs. These u niforms consisted of long trench coat style jackets dyed blue and they were referred as "Blue coats" . 1 After 300 years students who attended the better English public schools began wearing uniforms. Once this became the norm, it blossomed into an obsession, as well as a way to effect social and cultural control over the students. 2Uniforms were carried over to the other countries with British influence . But they have styles and trends specific to each each country. They differ for boys versus girls and differ with seasons.Monga(2)SCHOOL UNIFORMS IN PRESENT DAYIn the present days, uniforms serves a common purpose of identification of the students. They have been implemented in Elementary School, Middle School and High schools. A uniforms consists of skirts, pants, shirt, shoes, socks, blazers, cardigans and embellishments such as ties and belts or hats. Each school has a unique 'logo' or a sign imprinted on their uniform through which the student can be identified as the part of the school.Uniforms are now available in different colors and sizes designed for making students comfortable. Different schools and different grades within schools may have different uniforms, as determined by parents and school administration.

ADVANTAGES OF SCHOOL UNIFORMSUniform s are important part of being a student. The School Uniform policy has been implemented effectively in 21 states in the United States of America in the year 2009. They have been supported by many prominent figures including President Clinton. Public Schools are the fastest growing segment of the school uniform market. About 23% of all public and private schools in the US have a uniform 's policy, with public schools making up a majority at about 19% 3 . The statistic s compiled by researches indicate huge success and positive results from introducing uniforms .1) Uniforms C reate a S ense of BelongingUniforms help in creating an equality for students as...

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