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General Science is a study involving biology, chemistry, physics and environmental sciences. Students from Year 7 to Year 10 are introduced to these various disciplines to gain general knowledge about science and can later be develop into deeper concepts. Science is not just fat laboratory coats, Einstein’s equations, mixing chemicals, massive space shuttles, or peeking through microscopes but involves critical thinking, analysing data and apply understandings in the natural world to solve real problems. Science is an approach of learning what make this world and how things work decades ago, how they work today, and how they are expected to work in forthcoming years. Some of the social ...view middle of the document...

Anton, who was named after his father, was always favoured by his parents and encouraged him to feel greater while Vincent was frequently criticised of his failure.

Due to the amount of hurdles Vincent faced by his family and society, he decided to use Jerome Eugene Morrow’s identity who was an ex-athlete with perfect genes until he became paralysed after an accident. Vincent used Jerome’s body cells, urine and DNA samples to gain a place at the prestigious Gattaca Academy as a ‘valid’ candidate. Gattaca illustrates the rough battles of Vincent in some scenes where he is briskly scrubbing his body often to remove his body cells including major physical adjustment extending his legs to match Jerome’s height. Gattaca exhibits genetic perception of a white man passing as a white man to be able to attain higher profession rather than signifying racial discrimination. During Vincent’s first interview at Gattaca there were a combination of genders and different ethnicities. However, the movie shows that all ‘in-valid’ candidates were white males highlighting stereotypes. The movie shows that skin colour and ethnicity may no longer be discrimination factors in the futuristic world but rather it’s the genetic materials that set the barriers.

Ethics and morality has no significant value in Gattaca as humanity is only concerned with individuals with impeccable genes performing beyond their abilities. At the start, Jerome’s arrogant behaviour towards Vincent was clearly apparent due to his superiority. However, despite Jerome’s perfect genes, he was discouraged by society because he couldn’t win gold medals and try to commit suicide resulting him in a wheelchair. Jerome was not worthy anymore according to society’s standards. Is it ethically or morally correct for a community to turn down individuals if they are not perfect? It is clearly evident that prejudiced society doesn’t value human lives in Gattaca. Additionally, society forces Vincent to depend on Jerome’s misfortune for his own achievement. On the other hand, Irene who works at Gattaca was incapable to fly on long missions due to a slight heart defect in her genes. She accepted her destiny from people and failed to reach her capacity. Gattaca proves how society impedes individuals’ dreams and talents based on their genes.

I chose Gattaca because it is a great Sci-fi movie representing major concerns behind genetic engineering. The use of genetic engineering can eradicate...

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