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General Science Labs Should Be Optional At State University

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A student’s main goal is to acquire knowledge and use what they learn to make advances towards the future. Each and every student has his or her own way of learning. Some students learn better by attending lecture and taking notes, while others would learn more by reading a textbook. A reporting on research from Colorado Christian University in 2012 stated that “stress in college students can affect the ability to concentrate, and there have been studies conducted that prove that stress interferes with a student’s ability to concentrate” (CCU). Students at State University are required to enroll in science labs and this results in many complications. Students at UCR should be given the choice to enroll in labs if they choose to because it will result in less stress and more flexibility when it comes to planning a schedule for the next quarter.

Many undergraduate students here at State University will take at least one general science class. A student in the college of Natural and Agricultural Sciences or Bourns College of Engineering will be required to take general biology, chemistry, and physics class along with their respective laboratory class. Each laboratory class last around three hours and the amount of work for a lab is almost as much as taking another three-unit class. The requirement of laboratory classes to enroll in a general science class negatively affects a student’s ability to study for important classes and leads to unnecessary stress. A student’s schedule can quickly fill up when he or she enroll in two science classes, he or she will spend at least six hours a week in a lab and at four hours a week completing the pre-lab and post-lab assignment outside of the laboratory. The student may feel that he or she does not have enough time to focus on studying for a midterm or a test if there is a long lab scheduled for the week before a midterm or test. If labs were optional and not required students would have more time to study for important tests and their overall grade may be higher.

Giving students the option to enroll in a lab class will result in more benefit than harm. One of the benefits of allowing students to choose if they want to take lab classes or not would be that there will be more flexibility. A three-hour lab class can easily conflict with a student’s ability to enroll in a class. Usually, the favorable lab classes fill up fast and students end up with labs at times from 8 A.M-11 A.M or even 6 P.M-10 P.M on a Friday night. Students will sometimes schedule their labs back to back to get the labs out of the way all on the same day, but this can cause a student to overexert himself or herself. Jeffrey Hang, a sophomore Mechanical Engineering major says, “I think the labs are a waste of time. I’m not going to go to medical school so why do I have to take these biology labs.” Some will argue that most students who take general biology are planning on going to go to medical school so all students who enroll in...

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