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General Studies And Research Of Cardiology

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Tyler Church
Senior Seminar
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General Studies and research of Cardiology

Cardiology is the diagnosis and treatment of human or animal hearts In the focus of Cardiology, the heart has many different anatomical features including ventricles, atria and valves. While plenty is known about the healthy heart, Cardiology usually studies diseased hearts. Because diseases of the heart can lead to many complications and is the leading cause of death, it is important to study these diseases to try and develop new medicine or procedures to prevent heart disease from causing so many complications.

The Heart

The primary job of the heart is to pump blood throughout ...view middle of the document...

ACS symptoms often include chest pain, with the pain radiating to the left arm or jaw. The biggest symptom to low blood flow to the heart is chest pain, nausea and vomiting and a feeling of impending doom. Patients that are expected to have an ACS disorder are sent in to the hospital to have a various set of tests done. If complications are allowed to get worse, STEMI and non-STEMI myocardial infarctions can occur causing stoppage of the heart due to multiple reasons like low blood circulation and stoppage of the electric current in the heart.
Angina Pectoris

Commonly known as just Angina, this complication is due to ischemia of the heart muscle. The main cause of Angina is Coronary heart disease due to infection and inflammation of the arteries feeding the heart. In most cases Angina can be very painful for the victim. There are two types of Angina known, Stable and unstable. Stable angina is also called effort angina, this refers to a common understanding of Angina related to Myocardial Ischemia. Typical symptoms of stable angina are that of chest discomfort associated with running, walking and other forms of exercise, with little or no symptoms at rest or with administration of Nitroglycerin.
Unstable Angina, or, Crescendo Angina is a form of acute coronary syndrome. It usually occurs at rest, is very severe and occurs in a pattern.Unstable Angina may occur unpredictably at rest, which may be a serious indicator of an impending heart attack. What differentiates stable angina from unstable angina (other than symptoms) is the pathophysiology of the atherosclerosis. The pathophysiology of unstable angina is the reduction of coronary flow due to transient platelet aggregation on apparently normal endothelium, coronary artery spasms, or coronary thrombosis.


Atherosclerosis, or ASVD occurs when an artery wall thickens as a result of accumulation of calcium and fatty materials like cholesterol and triglycerides. It reduces the elasticity of the artery walls and allows less blood to travel through. Because of this, increased blood pressure is a side effect. Atherosclerosis is often asymptomatic pending grave blockage and narrowing of an artery. Signs and symptoms usually come out when the severe blockage impedes blood flow to different organs.Most of the time, patients realize that they have the disease only when they experience other cardiovascular disorders such as stroke or heart attack. These symptoms, however, still vary depending on which artery or organ is affected Typically, atherosclerosis begins as a thin layer of white streaks on the artery wall (usually due to white blood cells) and progresses from there. Clinically, atherosclerosis is typically associated with men over the age of 45. Sub-clinically, the disease begins to appear at early childhood, and perhaps even at birth (although not proven). Noticeable signs can begin developing at puberty. Though symptoms are rarely exhibited in children, early screening of...

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