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General William Tecumseh Sherman General William T. Sherman, one of the greatest Civil War generals, proved to be an extremely significant factor for the Northern cause due to his mastery of military warfare and thus notable contribution to the South's defeat. Despite of the fact that early on his military career looked quite grim and hopeless, being publicly ridiculed and called insane, he later displayed great strategic expertise and proved his adversaries wrong. Although he begun his wartime career as colonel of a volunteer brigade, he finished it as General of the American Army and was even nominated various times to presidency. His most significant feats include the capture of Atlanta and Savannah, thus splitting the confederacy in two. He is also notoriously known for his famous "March To Sea", in which he wreaked havoc throughout the central Southern states. Sherman's most famous words, spoken until after the war, stand up for his belief of total war with the statement "war is hell" (Boys Life 366).William T. Sherman lived through many circumstances in life which, at first appearing to be negative, greatly aided him in becoming the second greatest Union general. Sherman was born into a large family in Lancaster, Ohio on February 8, 1820 (McPhersonxxx 731). His family had had a long history of political positions, although Sherman was always strong in his dislike for the such. 1829 proved to be an impacting year in his life, when his father died leaving his mother responsible for their ten children (Sherman 1). Sherman was taken in as an adoptive child by Mr. Thomas Ewing, a family friend (Sherman 1). This man proved to be an important figure in his life because his political influence managed to get Tecumseh into West Point when he was sixteen. He graduated sixth in his class in 1840 (Ward 706). Sherman then held insignificant military positions in Florida and Mexico, and played no fighting role in the Mexican War, posted as a recruiting officer (Britannica 1). In 1853, after being stationed in California, he retired from service due to the Gold Rush and took up a banking position in a nearby bank (Ward 706). He failed in this area and attempted at being a lawyer and farmer, but also failed. He then wished to enter the military once again, yet encountered difficulties, and was able to receive a teaching position at a military college in Louisiana only through friend contacts (Sherman 1). He was quite happy here but had to resign when Louisiana seceded in 1861, because felt it "treason to talk of secession" (Sherman 2). He then continued his search for a military position, and declined several because he felt "unwilling to take a mere private's place" because of his several years of military service (Sherman 2). On May 14th 1861, William T. Sherman was appointed a colonel of the Thirteenth Regular Infantry (Sherman 3).Although Sherman's involvement in the war had finally begun, the contributions he rendered early on were quite small. He...

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2270 words - 10 pages States and the War of 1812. While in Procter, Canada, Tecumseh and his Indian warriors were preparing for battle alongside the British forces. The battle took place in a marshy setting, the Americans were led by General William Henry Harrison. Tecumseh was shot through the heart and died on the battlefield at Thames. Before the start of the war, Tecumseh and the Shawnee dreamed of a Pan-Indian confederation that spread across the lands of North

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1037 words - 4 pages Bonaparte who designed a policy to strengthen France and for him to become more popular. The Napoleonic Wars concluded with the Battle of Waterloo (June 1815) where Napoleon saw his remaining elite guards destroyed and he was exiled to St Helena and later died. November 7, 1811 would mark the beginning of the Battle of Tippecanoe fought between the American led by Governor William Henry Harrisson and the forces of Tecumseh led by two brothers. The

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1488 words - 6 pages of Lake Erie which led to the compelling of British involving Detroit. The General of Tippecanoe, William Henry Harrison, led the Battle of the Thanes where he managed to defeat a good deal of Native Americans and British ending the threat to the northwest during the war. The leader of the Native American forces going against the Americans—Tecumseh—was killed in this battle. In the southern states, Andrew Jackson led an army within the Battle of

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1482 words - 6 pages farther west in the future, Tecumseh formed an alliance with Sir Isaac Brock, the general commanding the British Army during the war (West). They were both brave, aggressive and savvy becoming friends instantly. Tecumseh believed that the British would allow the Shawnee and other indian tribes to keep the land they had roamed for centuries, while the Americans would not allow them to have an land or power. The death of Tecumseh in the War of 1812