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Even though there are no specific statistics showing geographically how many people in each country are affected, it is estimated that “5% - 6% of teens ages 13-18 are affected by this troubling disorder, not including the teens that receive no treatment,” (“Generalized”). Youth that receive no treatment could be considered are under privileged. Meaning that they do not have the resources or are very limited to resources that could help them get the proper treatment for their disorder. Many of those adolescents are children that come from low income families, single family homes, or foster care to name a few. Foster care children however, “Find themselves in a system that is ill-equipped to ...view middle of the document...

In some cases though, according to Jennifer V. author of, “Pregnancy and Birth with Generalized Anxiety Disorder,” “In one study, 43% of woman saw a decrease in their symptoms while 33% had their symptoms increase,” (“Vanderlaan”) (“Pregnancy”). In conclusion, this is also a growing problem for women in general and women who are pregnant. When bringing a new life into the world it can become more critical and difficult to cope with your anxiety. In contrast to it being difficult to cope with anxiety whether you’re in foster care or a pregnant woman, it can be extremely difficult if you are an elder. “This mental illness is the most common in the elderly ages 60 and older, but is usually an overlooked problem,” (“Treating”). According to the article, “Treating generalized anxiety disorder in the elderly,” “The elderly increases the risk of physical disability, memory problems, and reduced quality of life -- as well as increasing the risk of death,” (“Treating”). From my previous examples of who (GAD) affects, death, never became a factor in the equation of the younger people that are affected. This now presents an even bigger problem, because not dealing with the problem earlier on, can cause many problems in the future as we can see. The significance of this problem is only one of the few main points that needed to be further examined.

Next, we will explore possible causes of this disorder, which will deepen our understanding of the problem. There is no definite cause of GAD, however, there are many factors that may play a role in developing the disorder. “Genetics can play a role in developing GAD, family history plays a part in increasing the likelihood that a person will develop GAD, meaning it could be hereditary,” (“”) (“Generalized”). “Also brain chemistry: GAD has been associated with abnormal functioning of certain nerve cell pathways that connect particular brain regions involved in thinking and emotion. . .” (“”) (“Generalized”). “These nerve cell connections depend on chemicals called neurotransmitters that transmit information from one nerve cell to the next. . .” (“”) (“Generalized”). “If the pathways that connect particular brain regions do not run efficiently, problems related to mood or anxiety may result,” (“”) (“Generalized”). And lastly, “Your can environment plays another huge factor in the possible cause of GAD. . .” (“”) (“Generalized”). “Trauma and stressful events, such as abuse, the death of a loved one, divorce, changing jobs or schools, may lead to GAD. . .” “GAD also may become worse during periods of stress. . .” (“”) (“Generalized”). “The use of and...

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