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Generating Creative Ideas For Business Through Brainwriting, Brainstorming And Focus Groups

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Before starting a business, entrepreneurs need to take and use the methods to generate creative ideas for product to be marketed and test new ideas. The methods are the focus group method, brainstorming, brainwriting and problem inventory analysis. These methods are best suitable for an organization that needs expansion in products or services
First is focus group method, focus group is defined as a group of individuals providing information in a structured format. A moderator leads the group of about 8 to 14 participants through an open, in-depth discussion rather than simply asking questions to solicit participants’ responses. The group is stimulated by comments from other group members in creatively conceptualizing and developing a new product or service to fill a market need. This method uses a group of individuals who may be comprised of those who come from diverse socio-economic ...view middle of the document...

Brainstorming is a group method for obtaining new ideas and solutions. the method is based on the fact that the human face in an organized group can be stimulated to become more creative in order to gain new ideas and solutions.
When using this method, the four rules to be followed which no one is allowed to make any negative critique group, promoted the idea of ​​free offers, quantity required, and the idea of ​​the many ideas the higher the probability that a good idea can be produced and finally the combination and improvement of ideas is encouraged. It is also be a fun brainstorming session in which it is not dominated by one particular individual to avoid discussions effectively.

Brainwriting is an alternative method to brainstorming that tries to encourage a more uniform participation within a group. Like brainstorming, it is designed to generate lots and lots of ideas in a short amount of time. This is method more to writing to convey new ideas for products. It also takes place in groups where each group member will write their ideas over time.
This method has three rules that must be followed, namely the need to write or carry forward cycle contributed three ideas in 5 minutes should be written in the form brainwriting then give it to the next member. This is more of a discussion circle forward the idea of ​​each member. Next rules is following that members read every idea that was written to serve as an inspiration to be create creative idea, if there is an idea written on the same form barinwriting, finally, this method requires 6 participants sit together and helped by a moderator.
Lastly is problem inventory analysis method, problem inventory analysis is a method of obtaining new ideas and solutions by focusing on problems for certain product categories, customers usually given a list of known problems for a particular product category and then asked to identify and discuss the products in a category with specific problems. This will be more effective because it is much easier to relate to products that have been identified problem proposed and obtained a new product idea.

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