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Generating Response In Film Bound Essay

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Generating Response in film Bound

The film I have chosen is a crime thriller called 'Bound'. Mafia moll,
Violet, finds herself attracted to a female ex-con, Corky. Together
they attempt to steal $2 million from Violet's boyfriend, Ceasar. It
brings about the question of who can trust who throughout the film.
Although it is a crime thriller it also has gangster undertones. I
will discuss cause and effect, other films of the same genre, the
characters, the settings, if there is equilibrium and any possible

The Wachowski brothers who created 'Bound' are also responsible for
'The Matrix' which I think bares no resemblance to their debut 'Bound'
in regards to genre. However the visual aesthetics that appear in each
film which are appreciated by both audiences are apparent.

I believe this film to be suitable for its narrative and genre,
although a website reviewing the film stated It's not the narrative as
much as how the film looks that keeps Bound's spectators rapt.

I have chosen two short scenes in which I will analyse the genre and
narrative. The first scene is about 15 minutes into the film. Ceasar
intrudes on Corky and Violet, and believes it to be Violet having an
affair with another man. Once he sees Corky is female his suspicions
are destroyed.

The mise-en-scene allows the audience insight into the characters and
what kind of film it is. There are certain things typical of a
mafia/gangster movie. Ceasar is well presented in a suit and welcomes
Corky to 'the family'; his accent is also reminiscent of the
characters in 'The Godfather'.

We find out that Ceasar is used to having people who are ex-con's
working for his friend suggesting that there is usually crime involved
in his business.

The audience can see a possessive side to Ceasar as he drapes his arm
around Violet; we can see that she is his 'moll'. I think that the
audience's intended reaction is to dislike Ceasar. I personally see
him as patronising and pathetic. I can see Violet as then 'femme
fatale' in this film.

The setting for this scene takes place in Violet's flat which has
expensive surroundings, again suggesting a gangster reputation. This
helps to establish the genre and events to come. This is also like the
surroundings in 'Scar Face'.

It's quite a slow moving scene without any special effects or cross
cuts. The tone of this film is quite serious with an element of humour
when Ceasar thinks Corky is male. I feel this scene doesn't follow the
codes of convention as although it's a crime thriller, it has
gangster, and homosexual sub-genres. The narrative is minimal compared
to other films.

The second scene I have chosen is later on into the film. I have
chosen this scene because it gives an example of cause and effect; it
shows the intensity of Corky's and Violet's...

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