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In today’s work places correct grammar is very important. How does texting and using modern technology to communicate with each other affect our grammar? I believe texting and instant messaging has screwed us in communicating. According to articles written by Susan Adams and Kyle Weins they believe younger generations are struggling with skills necessary to survive the modern workplace. There are many skills needed in work places many of these include communication, editing, listening, and writing. I am going into the field of science for my future career. Many jobs in science require you to speak in front of large groups or person to person. Whichever one it is you need to be able to talk clearly and understandably. As an Environmental science and protection technician I would need these skills. I have many goals I wish to accomplish, but I would like to be able to edit and write better. My skills today are not the best but I hope in the future these skills will be better so I can succeed in my career.
How we use grammar has changed over the years. Today we are shortening our words because of social media such as texting. Good grammar is one of the most important skills to have and it can show how intelligent we are. It can also show how organized we are and how well we can master tasks. When we communicate to someone and we use bad grammar we send out signals showing you don’t care (Adams). Bad grammar can also affect your credibility. You lose trust and your believability when we use bad grammar. Consequently, if you lose your credibility then you cannot get your tasks done properly. Even simple tasks can be affected by bad grammar. Using good grammar will help you pay attention to details (Weins). Grammar is how you speak and how we use words. Bad grammar can lower your chances of getting your life career. There are better ways to make your grammar better for example when texting don’t use single letters for words. You have to break that habit then your grammar will get better. Correct grammar is essential in the work place and in specific jobs it’s crucial to manage your tasks.
What is an Environmental Science and Protection Technician? They are people who study pollution and materials in environments. Many skills are needed to do this job, of these skills correct grammar, communication, and editing skills are needed. For example in communications when you analysis materials in the lab you write down the information and share it with your boss or your colleagues. Also in many cases you will discuss it with clients. In this job you must be able to talk to people with and interact with them. Another skill is grammar, when you write down the results of a test or a summary of your research the grammar must be correct. You share these with clients and other scientists, if you write a summary with incorrect grammar your results could...

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