Generation Y: The Surpassed Struggles For Achievement

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Life is a struggle in itself, but to do well in life one must do well in school. The older generations view Generation Y as lazy “kids” who want to take the easy way out. Just because things look easy, doesn’t really mean they are. Computers and calculators may make tasks easier but because of this, harder tasks are given. This new “Lazy” generation must defy all odds just to get through the crazy competition that is high school and college to achieve a well-paying job. The definition of success as we know it is now much harder to attain than it once was for Baby Boomers; yet this “lazy” generation known as Millennials continue to achieve it while overcoming these difficulties that previous generations never faced.
Older generations believe that Generation Y has it easier than they did, that nothing is as hard for us as it was for them. This may be one of the most blatantly false statements ever. One reason being the rapid population growth. In the 1960’s and 70’s when Baby Boomers were growing up, the population was in the 3 billion. Today the population is roughly 7 billion, meaning there are twice as many people competing for the same schools and jobs ("Population Growth Rate”). Older generations believe it was harder to get a good job when they were young, yet they do not realize that all they needed to be considered a qualified candidate was a college degree. Today to get a good job, people need a college degree as well as a master and half the time that isn’t even good enough. You need letters of recommendations, work history and often you still wont get the job.
For today’s students the competition for work begins earlier. They need to get better grades in high school and do amazing on SAT’s to even be considered by a good college. This increased competition causes these students top take more AP and honors classes; advanced classes Baby Boomers were less exposed to. High school students took over three million AP exams in 2012 ("ANNUAL AP PROGRAM PARTICIPATION 1956-2012"). This shows you how much high school students are competing today. The competition is so great that it even bleeds into middle school. Students try to take more advanced classes in middle school so they can have a head start in high school. What’s crazy is parents will even put their children in special “gifted” elementary schools now to try to get an even earlier edge on the competition. “There has been a boom in the popularity of these programs in recent years, and some only accept children who score in the 99th percentile on admissions tests.” ("What are your options?"). That is what the world is coming to.
Just as Millennial are finishing roughing it through high school, they have a to do all their college applications. Due to the Internet, something Baby Boomers did not have back when applying to schools, the difficulty to send out applications has decreased. Today there is something called the Common App, which allows students to create a single application and...

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