Generational Assignment: Module 1

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The description given for my generation, the Millennials (Generation Y) is mainly accurate. We are the group who were born between the years 1980-1994, (ages 19-33), and considered young workers. According to the case study, Generation Y is known for changing employers and professions. I agree with this statement, and from my experience we are the ones who are trying to find a career that best fits us. Employees who are in the Generation Y category are more likely to change employers if they do not feel connected and appreciated by their employers. According to a researcher, Stephanie Kodatt from Northern State University, Generation Y employees are more likely to be loyal to their employers if employers are willing to guide them in developing skills (Kodatt, 2009). Generation Y-ers are also trying to find themselves and develop new skills as they gain experience in the corporate world. The case study fails to include that we are the generation (Generation Y) who are more likely to take advantage of technology. For instance, in the case study Raja, age 27, who is part of Generation Y, was the only team member who bought her laptop to look up information for the project team. For Generation Y, technology improves our lifestyle as far as information and communication. I believe that Generation Y is the least understood generation.
Do you believe the descriptions given of the remaining three generations are accurate? Please state the evidence that supports your answer.

Regarding the Traditionalist, I agree that this generation values loyalty more than any other generation (born before 1945). The persons from this generation are veterans, and they displayed loyalty for the United States. They fought in WWII, the Cold War, and this generation bought us Civil Rights. In addition, the Traditionalists are also known as the Silent Generation: Theories suggest that this generation is called the Silent Generation because this generation grew up when “children should be seen and not heard (Thornton, 2009)." An author by the name of William Manchester suggested that this generation was unimaginative and apolitical, and that is why this generation is the termed the Silent Generation (Thornton, 2009). The people in Silent Generation were less likely to challenge authority.
Baby Boomers (born 1946-1964): I agree with the description given for the Baby Boomers. The Baby Boomers are known for their optimism and idealism. Both of my parents are Baby Boomers and they agree that challenging authority has benefited them and the generations that came after them. Protests and strikes were popular in this time period because they were fighting for change. During this time, creating communication amongst the African American community was important due to the fact that there was segregation going on in the United States.
As regards to Generation X (born 1965-1980), this generation is known to be more skeptical than the other generations. I believe...

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