Generational Collapse Essay

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It is indeed, without doubt, that America is moving further and further away from the Super Power we once considered ourselves to be. While surrounding nations, such as China have begun to emerge as a thriving force in today's global economy, and is seemingly ahead of the pack. Perhaps Niccoló Machiavelli was right when he stated: "Such is the circle which all republics are destined to run through. Seldom, however, do they come back to its original form of government, which results from the fact that their duration is not sufficiently long to be able to undergo these repeated changes and preserve their existence. But it may well happen that a republic lacking strength and good counsel in its difficulties becomes subject after a while to some neighboring state, that is better organized than itself." (The Circle of Government). Machiavelli here explains his theory that all government it subject to generational collapse by; henceforth being superseded by another prevailing nation's whit, drive, and adaptability. It is certain to say that the United States is experiencing extreme political and economical hardships. However, in order to better understand the transpiring decline of the American nation's precedence as the top super power, we must first identify and analyze the foundations in which America established its unprecedented dominance. Therefor, by identifying the values of a smart economy and a strong government in which established America we may, perhaps, outlive it's predestined "generational collapse".At the end of World War II America had a great sense of wealth and a supreme level of precedence in the world. The war was a huge military victory for the United States and our allies. Like Germany after the two world wars of the twentieth century, the losing power, the Soviet Union, gave up territory and changed its form of government to bring it in line with the governments of its victors. The Soviet Union had served as America's last posing threat of competition. After the West won the Cold War, the United States lost it's last "rivial" competitor; the struggle for dominance during the Cold War was not only expressed through the militarized nuclear equipped arsenals that the U.S. and Soviets posed threats upon each other with, but also through psychological warfare, espionage, and technological competitions such as the Space Race. This kept the America outwardly focused, sharp, and at the same time serious about nation building at home to continue to show an effective solution to communism. As much as of a victory the Cold War was, it presented new challenges to the American people. With the fall of the Berlin wall and toppled statues of Lenin, the international threat of communism had finally been defeated. By doing so birth it gave birth to billions of more people with the desire to live as Americans, and to establish their own version of the American dream, billions of more people practicing capitalism, billions of people...

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