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The first console was the Magnavox Odyssey. This console played games like Pong and were not very high tech but, were revolutionary since it was the start of a new age of home entertainment. After a few years or so consoles enter a new generation ending up at the eighth generation of consoles entered less than five months ago. Many companies have risen and faded trying to play the console game and only three now stand with a possible fourth coming to play. The altercations that have come along are incredible. Consoles brought gaming out of the arcades and brought it home in a compact size.
The first two generations were the start of home consoles and had very simple graphics and played games like pong. This age brought forth Atari in 1972 which because a supreme leader in consoles but slowly ended up going out of business. The first console however was the Magnavox Odyssey. It had various games but was largely made up of sports games. The true first pong game was on the Magnavox Odyssey. Pong was actually a rip-off that Atari made is considered the first game. This led to a lawsuit when Atari made a pong console that every game was played the same way but the customer had to buy covers to put over the screen to “change” the game. The first generation included only two more consoles the Coleco Telstar and Nintendo’s Color TV Games. The second generation contained the largest amount of consoles with eleven with ten being from different companies. This was more likely due to wanting to join the great success potential. All but three failed to become highly successful. Sega joined Atari and Nintendo as successful companies. Atari had its most successful console named Atari 2600 with about 30 million systems sold total. Games like Space invaders were played on the Atari 2600. This console was popular until the rise of Activision and other third party developers.
The third and fourth generations marked the fall of Atari and the rise of Sega and Nintendo. Nintendo brought forth their most famous character on the Nintendo Entertainment System. Mario is so famous that the sound of him collecting a coin can be recognized by almost anyone. Sega also brought forth a very famous icon on the Sega Genesis. Sonic ironically had better sales on his second game than his first game but sold very well with customers even though it was an odd idea. Without Mario and Sonic the systems the (NES) or the Nintendo Entertainment System and the (SNES) Super Nintendo Entertainment System may have failed when it was thought that consoles may die out. Sega experienced great success in the third and fourth generations with its two systems the Sega Master System and the more...

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