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Running Head: GENE ONE BENCHMARKINGGeneric Benchmarking: Gene OneUniversity of PhoenixGene One BenchmarkingThis paper will provide a benchmarking study to identify potential solutions for the Gene One scenario. This paper will also provide an analysis of ten companies researched by each team member to identify the key course concepts. The ten companies fall into the categories of retail stores, computers, telecommunications, search engines web sites, and energy. The researched companies will compare and contrast the practices of each that relates to the course concepts. Through the concepts the paper will explain leadership styles on ...view middle of the document...

Once selected, clear direction for the group must be set by the team leader without knowing how much authority in making decisions a team member has, teams may end up making the wrong decisions. Some firms are personality-driven; as leaders change, so do their personalities, resulting in the amount of authority a team leader or members have. Progress shared by team members, and feedback and ideas are provided by the leader. Within boundaries, there should be a balance between leader authority and able to have team self-direction.To enable groups to work well together, team members / employees are encouraged to organize themselves at the beginning of the project. Other than deciding roles and responsibilities, members need to figure out process details, how will they communicate (by e-mail, phone or in person), communication break-down resolution, and timeline management. Groups can be able to improve their working relationships by seeking shared learning experiences from each other while networking outside the work environment and return may also be beneficial to the building of the team's confidence in each other.Conflict Management Methods to Enhance Group and Team PerformanceConflict is the process in which one party perceives that its interest are being opposed or negatively affected by another party. Each company has conflict management issues that are resolved by possessing a constructive argument in which both parties may resolve the conflict through logical analysis. Conflict management, which are interventions that alter the level and form of conflict in ways that maximize its' benefits and minimize dysfunctional consequences. Gene One could use this method to help alleviate the tension between Teri and the new team members brought in by Don and the board members (Kreitner, 2004).Like most situations there are many types of methods to handle each one. There is a conflict process that can help leaders take control of their differences that may occur between them or the team. The conflict process can be done by finding the source of conflict. Determine is the conflict goals, values, tasks, resources, rules, and communication can be used to help resolve differences. Then the leader has to decipher what are constructive or socio-emotional conflicts.Constructive conflict occurs when team members debate different perceptions about an issue in a way that keeps the conflict focused on the task at hand. Clearly this was not done with Gene One. Here socio-emotional conflict often becomes emotional and personal. Rather than focusing on the issue each party perceives the other party as the problem. This conflict is shown during the meeting causing Teri to submit her resignation because of differences from new members (Kreitner, 2004).Roles and Interaction of Group and Team MembersRoles and responsibilities vary depending on the size, culture, and type of company. The roles and responsibilities dictate how an individual or a group of individuals in...

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