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Generic Strategy Of Information System Essay

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Generic strategy of Information SystemTable of contentsINTRODUCTIONSCOPEGENERIC IS MANAGEMENT STRATEGIES......2CENTRALLY PLANNED..........2MONOPOLY........3FREE MARKET.....3LEADING EDGE....4SCARCE RESOURCE.......5NOMINATION ON MOST EFFECTIVE GENERIC STRATEGY....5CONCLUSION.....6REFERENCES......7IntroductionA case study entitled 'IS value and investment appraisal: a case study of a local authority' written by Steven Jones (1999) shows the failure of management with right investment to a technology. According to his report, the Authority has implemented an organisational-wide Office Automation system to consolidate and integrate the many departmental systems, working environments and business cultures. The choice of OA was seen as strategic through Corporate Information Technology Client Group and the choice suggested by the central IT department, which had surely been aware of the importance corporate strategy between IT and business on their investment. But the new technology was not successful in the real world due to lack of management planning. The firm found that there was no special support service provided through the IT function. It was recognised that inadequate training had in some instances led to limited success, which had subsequently resulted in a poor return on investment(Johns 2002). They further maintained that generally, they had not received adequate and timely training in the use of the new system. Managers stated that they had not got the anticipated benefits from the introduction of OA (Johns 2002). The case study suggests that a more systematic approach to the identification of application functionality and benefits from the implementation of the new technology would be helpfulToday's problem would be that the tools are there but the vision is limited (Maimbo 2004).Therefore, the key of successful result would be that highly reliable on planning and implementing with a right portpolio on managing their investment for ITIS. Many studies in ISIT areas prove that it is important to consider planning and implementation issues, evaluation and benefit realisation and management. Ward and Peppard's five generic IS management strategies are one of the popular portfolio for that.ScopeWard and Peppard (2002) explains five generic IS management strategies that might be able to be used to manage an organisation's portfolio as "general frameworks which lead the opportunities for IT which are identified, the IT resources which are developed, the rate at which new technologies are adopted, the level of impact for IT within the firm, etc" Theses strategies are Scarce Resource, Leading Edge, Centrally Planned, Monopoly and Free Market (Ward 2002).In this report, the main characteristics of each these management strategies will be discussed in more detail with specific reference and they will be compared and contrasted and one or more of them will be nominated as most effective strategy or strategies.Generic IS Management StrategiesCentrally...

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