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Generosity Of The Human Spirit: Finding Strength In Forgiveness And Faith

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In “Out of the Dust,” a story told by 14-year-old Billie Jo, she describes her grief and feelings of lost hope including guilt from the accidental death of her mother and her mother’s unborn child. The accident crushed Billie Jo’s hope and her spirit, as well her father’s. It is a story of remarkable struggle where Billie Jo tries to find inner strength. She seeks the light through the Oklahoma “dust”. The “dust” is symbolic as it signifies a lack of life, dreams, and hope. Billie Jo takes the reader through her emotional of the journey that evokes compassion and empathy. The reader becomes part of the story and part of Billie Jo’s persona. Her journey embraces whom we are in the most ...view middle of the document...

It is not necessarily religious faith, but a faith that we are much more than the obstacles and tragedies that we experience through our lives. This means that what we endure does not define us. It only defines the power of our spirit.
Tapping into the human spirit for strength and courage requires that you allow yourself to see and feel pain; your own pain and the pain of others. In “Out of the Dust,” Billie Jo does this by telling the reader about her own physical pain. The pain she suffered to her hands while trying to save her mother. Billie Jo also shares her emotional pain of losing her passion; her passion to play piano. The book “Out of the Dust” demonstrates how the human spirit works to form and transform our capability to feel compassion. This also includes the manner of seeking forgiveness as it will always alter our lives for the better. Additionally, it reveals how we attain our core strength. It goes on to imply that we cannot run away from, or hide from ourselves. A lesson taught by the book is that we make our own choices; the choice to find ourselves in a perpetual state of despair by trying to hide or the choice to have faith and hope. In time, the human spirit can and will prevail if we make the right choice. Faith establishes a foundation. It is a foundation that generates an inherent ability to express and prioritize our values based on what we believe to be true, not on what we feel to be true. We must accept that faith and hope from the human spirit is not a onetime charitable contribution. It cannot be ignored that faith, and influence from the human spirit, is a lifelong reward that offers a philanthropic act to self and others. This valuable lesson can be learned from Billie Jo and how she saw the needs of others even during her time of grief. I consider the human spirit to be the CPR of our subsistence because it has the power and ability to breathe life back into us and inspire everyone around us. It is our own philanthropic life support.
The assigned readings from “The Wisdom of Generosity” each share a story of hope, however, one story identified with the human spirit, forgiveness, faith, and hope. The Hymn from “All-Night Missionary Gibbud’s Story” describes how Nellie finally surrendered by returning to the mission and asking for forgiveness. “The mistakes of my life have been many, the sins of my heart have been more: And I scarce can see for weeping, But I’ll knock at the open door.” Her surrender provided for the opportunity of forgiveness. Her faith and hope is what enabled her to move forward and out of her darkness. The story plainly tells us that there is always hope, and it can be compared to many of the emotions expressed by Billie Jo in “Out of the Dust.”
Another story from our assigned readings was by Henry David Thoreau. His entire metaphoric narrative expressed his desire for truth. He indicates that we must be true to ourselves. One sentence from Thoreau echoes in my mind that he desired the...

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