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Genes Vs. Environment (This Essay Is About Nature Vs. Nurture)

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I generally regard myself as a disorganized person. I believe this is an innate trait for me. As far as I can remember, I've always been disorganized. But throughout my life, I developed some ways to cope with it, especially after having some negative experiences. So what was the main factor that made me disorganized person? I strongly believe that it was a combination of both nature and nurture, but if I had to choose one, I would have to say that the genes that came from my father have a big impact on this trait.My father is also a disorganized person. I am very much alike to him in this regard. On the other hand, my mother is extremely organized. She's someone who tries to keep everything as organized as possible. Obviously, saying that one of my parents also shows this trait is not enough evidence to support this theory, but there's more.The most important reason I believe the nature is the primary factor is my brother. He's four years younger than me and just like my mother, he's one of the most organized people I've seen in my life. He's my absolute opposite. But the fact is, we have been brought up in the same house, with the same parents. Most of the time, we even shared the same room. And our parents' behavior towards us was almost identical. As I was interacting constantly with my brother, one would think that either my or his behaviors should have been changed in one way or another. But it's not the case. Of course there could be some minor changes that I could not observe but in general, we always have been completely different in terms of being organized. This is the main reason that I believe heredity is the dominant factor.The other reason is my parents' behavior toward us. I've read some theories claiming that people are disorganized because nobody taught them how to be organized. It was definitely not the case with me. When I look back to my childhood to see whether I have been taught about the organizational skills or not, I can easily say yes. My mother tried really hard with me from the early ages. She tried to influence me by explaining how my school and personal life would be more easy and effective by being organized. Also, even though my father is a disorganized person, he was no different than my mother. He told me some of his own negative experiences because of him being disorganized and how it would be more effective for him if he did not have this trait. I even remember him giving me a book on this subject. So, it was not that I was not taught but it was just that I did not want to. I always felt like spending time on these issues was a big waste of time, and ignored them.When it comes to my own personal experiences and their effects on this trait, I believe it's a little more complex. First of all, nearly all experiences I've had were negative ones. From my childhood to mid-adolescent years, I've lost a lot of important stuff due to being unorganized and suffered some negative consequences either in my personal or...

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