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Genesis 22:1 1 To Find Exactly What This Passage Is Trying To Say From Different Angles. Find Some Meaning Into Who It Is Referring To And Why?

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In Genesis 22 1-19 I will be finding differences in translations from text to text. To find exactly what this passage is trying to say from different angles. Find some meaning into who it is referring to and why?The passage is about God testing Abraham, to find Abraham?s fear of God. The difference I see in the translations is in the New Oxford Annotated Bible and the New American Bible both refer to ?the angel of the lord? while the New Jerusalem Bible refers to the ?angel of YAHAW?. Another difference is in the New American Bible, sacrifice is referred to as Holocaust. Another difference is the way Abraham responded when God called his name. In the NOAB and NJB Abraham responds ?ready? ...view middle of the document...

Ismael Abraham?s child was let go by the lord leading onto Abraham?s test in Genesis 22 with the sacrifice of Isaac. The NOAB refers to the literature as a story from a narrative point of view. The words and expressions of the passage in all 3 translations are clear to understand. The footnotes in the NOAB are much more in detail than the NJB. The NOAB footnotes are very vivid in looking into his future. For example verse 5 in NOAB ?Abraham?s promise that he and Isaac will return? may suggest a faith that God will work out and alternate sacrifice?.The author?s concerns are to inform the reader to the extent that we have to follow the lord, willing to give up something of great value to glorify him. Important words that the author used was the word tested. It shows this was a test exclusively between the lord and Abraham. Test to see if Abraham was truly afraid of the lord. In the NAB the figure of speech when Abraham said ?here I am? right as the lord called his name shows me that he was fiercely wanted the lord to intervene. He was willing to sacrifice is son but rather obviously not to. The central theme in the passage is the relationship between God is much greater than the relationship between father and son.The cultural issue that needs to be addressed is the fact that human sacrifices were prevalent since 800 B.C. It?s hard for us to think that human sacrifice is the right way to go but for them it?s simply their custom. A simple summarization of Genesis 22 1-19 is God tells Abraham to go to a mountain with his son Isaac and sacrifice him to the lord, right before Abraham sacrifices Isaac the lord stops him, shows him he passed the test. Since Abraham was willing to sacrifice his own son for the lord he would be blessed and his offspring will be as numerous as the stars, Abraham returned to Beer-Sheba. I?m impressed with Abrahams attitude, he got orders, didn?t ask questions, he just reacted and trusted in the lord.In the Abigdon Bible Commentary it is said the...

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