Genesis And Creation In Love Essay

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Though my friends in the College of Science might think differently, I'm discovering that being an 'Arts and Leisures' student isn't as easy as it looks. I seem to do nothing but read and read, and what used to be a favorite childhood pastime has becoa nightmarish journey to paper cuts and bifocals. The saving grace, as I see it, is that so many of my class subjects and readings overlap. During this week alone, I was required to digest the first three books of Genesis for three different classes!I've analyzed Genesis from a theological viewpoint, from a romantic viewpoint, and finally (in this paper) from a literary-type viewpoint. For someone who went to public schools and never had any religious education, I think I'm getting to know the Bibpretty well.My recent classwork has provided the perfect launchpad for my theological inquiries: What is God? How do I, as a person, relate to Him? Parker J. Palmer answers both of these questions quite simply in 'Education as a Spiritual Journey' when he asserthat 'humankind was first formed 'in the image of God,' the image of love' (Palmer 17). Palmer goes on to define that being created in the image of God means to be created in or for love. Though this is a very appealing assertion, I find that there inothing concrete in Genesis 1-3 to confirm it. The text in Genesis is ambiguous, and only by interpretation can it be shown to support Palmer's claims.The first mention of man's creation occurs in the Chapter One of Genesis in the First Story of Creation. 'God created man in his image; in the divine image he created them; male and female he created them' (1:27). This a well-known and oft-repeated stement; however nowhere does it mention love. In fact, throughout Chapter One the Bible makes no reference to love at all. In Chapter Two, the Second Story of Creation, God forms man out of clay and blows 'into his nostrils the breath of life' (2:7).sides omitting any mention of love, this version of the story also neglects to even state that man was made in God's image. Based on a purely literal analysis, Palmer's appealing statement of man being created in or for love seems to be unsubstantiatedSince there is no corroborating text, the only other way Genesis could possibly confirm Palmer's idea is by interpretation of the meaning of God's actions towards man.According to Webster's 21st Century Dictionary, one of the meanings of the word love is 'warm concern'. While the word love is never specifically used in Genesis, many of God's actions support this idea of concern. In the First Story of Creation, aftGod creates man the first thing he does is bless him (1:28). In that same Dictionary, the word bless is defined as 'to confer happiness upon'. One would hardly expect God to wish happiness to a creature that he had no concern for. God does much moren Genesis: He gives dominion over the earth and every living thing to man (1:28-30) and He creates woman to satisfy man's loneliness (1:21-24). God has thus provided...

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