Genesis And The Book Of Mathew.

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1.What does the story of Genesis tell us about the biblical view of the universe and humankind's place in it?The Book of Genesis tells of the beginning of the world and how God created it. It implies that God did not create the earth without form and empty. It became formless and empty. He created the heavens and the earth and this was perfect, because nothing imperfect can come from God. The universe was created by God's command. The story of Genesis also describes why and how the perfect world created by God turned into a sinful one by humankind. Mankind should cooperate with God and take part in creation of God. This also explained the purpose of creating man. The failure of mankind is a result of unwillingness to accept our position as image of God.2.What does the story of the Garden of Eden tell us about human nature and the human situation? In answering this question, be sure to explain what is the "knowledge of good and evil" that can be gained from eating of the tree of knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden and why Adam and Eve eat the fruit from this tree?The Garden of Eden can be described as a place of total peace and innocence. This innocence ends, however, as soon as Adam and Eve commit the original sin.The original sin that led to humanity's fall in the Garden of Eden is by far the worst sin committed by humankind. It is this sin that led to future sins. The fall in the Garden of Eden marks humanity's entry into a world of sin forevermore. But why is this sin so deleterious that marks the "death" of humankind? The tree of the knowledge of good and evil was not supposed to be "tasted" because the innocence would be lost afterwards, and the world that God created would lose its values because people like Adam and Eve will destroy it now that they gained the knowledge of good and evil. Humanity falls in the Garden of Eden because evil eventually conquers good.3.What does the story of Cain and Abel tell us about the way that God wants us to approach Him?God wants sacrifice from us if we want to show him we respect him and we are grateful to everything he does for us. Cain represents the concept of salvation through works and Abel the concept of salvation by grace. Pride, anger, sin and God's mercy are all revealed in this short story. In order to understand the significance of the story, we have to understand the purpose and significance of sacrifice. Sacrifices are presented as a way to wash away sin and restore a right relationship with God. Acceptable sacrifices are made with a humble heart that acknowledges and accepts God's grace. Cain's sacrifice was the result of his own works, while Abel's was the result of his love for God. I believe one of the messages God wants to send us is that all actions have consequences, both positive and negative. God doesn't sit in heaven with a big stick waiting for us to mess up so He can hit us. We choose consequences by our actions. God tells Cain, "your brother's blood cries out to me...

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