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Twin studies have been used to distinguish between genetic and environmental factors for many disorders in the general population including ectodermal dysplasia, Ellis-van Creveld, and anencephaly. This review focuses on genetic disorders affecting monozygotic, dizygotic, and conjoined twins to gain a better understanding of them. Many studies focus on twins because they have a nearly identical genome, which eliminates environmental factors. In case studies, the concordance rates in monozygotic twins have supported that certain disorders were caused by genetics and not the environment. The discordant values in twins will also be evaluated briefly. Twinning studies have also shown linkages between specific disorders and the genes responsible for them. Knowing the location of these genes allows patients to be treated quickly and efficiently. This paper will discuss the possible causes of twinning and the various methods of identifying abnormalities in twins. These methods also allow preventive measures against the rise of birth defects during prenatal development. Epigenetics in twins is also viewed through the perspective of effects on them. Treatments for genetic disorders in twins are reviewed, ranging from the restoration of malformed teeth to the separation of conjoined twins. Support groups for twins in treatment, and their families are also briefly reviewed.
Twins are truly fascinating from the time of separation of the embryo to birth; and still the complexity of twinning is not yet fully understood among the scientific world. Scientists have studied the human body from the time of prenatal development to birth, and still are in awe of the formation of twins. Research in twinning is ever more increasing in this field, leading researchers to find that certain disorders are inherited by studying twins. Twin research has also allowed many to distinguish what disorders were environmental in nature amongst twins. Allowing many to deduce that other disorders were caused environmentally, however, research in this area has also shown that disorders could also be both genetic and environmental in nature. Researchers have found that with certain genetic disorders that were known beforehand could be prevented in some cases. Knowing the specific disorder allows scientists to take immediate action in preventing future cases of individuals having the same disorder.
Currently, research as attempted to find the possible cause of twinning, which may allow individuals the ability to have twins at will. If the cause of twinning was discovered than women may have the ability to decide if they want to have twins One of the earliest accounts of conjoined twins include the Thai brothers, Chang and Eng Bunker. These two individuals are famous for traveling with the P.T. Barnum circus and were known by many as the Siamese twins. From these two individuals came the coining of the term Siamese. In this present paper, various genetic disorders in monozygotic,...

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