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The study of the causes of substance abuse has been conflicting many people for a long time. There are two causes of substance abuse that have been argued for many years. The first cause is believed to be environmental. The second cause is a genetic cause that leads people to turn to drugs and alcohol. In “Touch of Grey” Lanthrop comes to the conclusion that his substance abuse issue posses both genetic and environmental causes. This argument is specifically compelling because he uses research and a personal statement to prove his findings. While environmental issues have a large impact on substance abuse, genetics have the greatest impact on substance abuse.
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Genetic disposition is the other, more controlling, factor in a person’s substance abuse issue. Studies of identical twins “indicate that as much as half of an individual's risk of becoming addicted to nicotine, alcohol, or other drugs depends on his or her genes.”(Genetics of Addiction) As much as 50-60 percent of the risk for alcoholism is passed down through genetics.(Alcohol Alert) For both men and women siblings with substance abuse genes were consistently two to three times more at risk for substance abuse including alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, and smoking than those who possess controlled genes. In order to accurately decipher the effect of genetics regarding substance abuse, the reader must recognize that genetics do not automatically mean that a person will fall into drug abuse. However, it does raise the risk of going down a path of substance abuse and destruction. The reason that genetic disposition leaves more of a substantial impact on substance abuse is because there is no way to eradicate the issue. Unlike environmental causes there is no way to relieve genetic code. Thorough studies conducted by various scientist “estimate that genetic factors account for between 40% and 60% of a person's vulnerability to addiction.”(Background on Drugs Abuse) This is a significant portion of a person’s vulnerability.
Similar to Lanthrop, I would like to include my personal experience as well. In my life, I have found that I possess an addictive personality. The harsh reality that I am a person with an addictive personality presents more of a problem regarding substance abuse than the environmental...

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