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Genetic Engineering And Experimentation Essay

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Technicolor eyes—without contacts! The impossibility to get sick—ever. Being able to run faster than anything in existence, even! Sounds like something out of a science fiction book, set way into the future, right? Well, these things all have something in common. Two things, actually. One; They’d come from Genetic Engineering, and two; They might not be so far into the future after all. I bet you’re wondering what that first thing is, though. Allow me to articulate. Genetic Engineering is, by Google’s definition, the deliberate modification of an organism by manipulating it’s genetic material. It sounds a little boring like that, but it’s what sci-fi is chopped full of on most occasions. But, before there can be genetic engineering that’s safe for the public and open to everyone, which in itself can be controversial, there has to be Genetic Experimentation. That is, (again, by Google’s definition) the process of manually adding new DNA to an organism. The goal is to add one or more new traits that are not already found in the organism. However, I’ll be using it in the context that it is the experimentation of genetic engineering to see if it’s safe for the public.
While you might think genetic engineering/experimentation is all fun and games while you’re having your genes modified to make you smarter, or prettier, or something like that, there are consequences and dangers that can come with that modification. Then again, once perfected, genetic engineering could do a lot of good for humanity and society in general. Eliminate diseases, fix mental and psychological disabilities, maybe even (and semi-hopefully) keep people from being outright stupid. But back to the more apprehensive side of things, once you put an altered gene in, getting it back out or “fixing” it, isn’t as simple as say, taking that little plastic piece out of the Operation Game hole after you put it in the wrong one. If something goes wrong, you can’t just remove that altered gene. And your body could reject the gene and cause serious problems the scientist and/or doctor who put it in you didn’t even think of. Granted, this could—could—be fixed with experimentation, development and practice, but how are scientists and doctors suppose to know how the gene(s) will react in a human unless they use humans to experiment on? This brings up some pretty rough ethnical issues.
Some say genetic engineering is like “Playing God,” meanwhile others are focused on the benefits of it, like the already mentioned disease-riddance. Those that see it as “Playing God” go on the philosophy that God made you the way you are for a reason, so you should be happy with who your are. (I’ll get to my opinion on this later.) However, the others are thinking about how to “make people better,” if you will. Smarter, faster, stronger, personal wishes being fulfilled. . .that’s what they’ve got their eyes on. Each view is right in certain ways, given that besides “Playing God,” terrorists and armies aimed...

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