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Genetic Engineering: In Our World Today

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Genetic engineering is a very powerful and new leading tool in our socitey. What it is, exaclty, is the alteration of genes in an organism to meet a certain criteria. Though, in countless ways its proven to be beneficial, it has also had many negative side effects. Its use varies among crops, animals, and in the medical field.
To begin, gentically modied foods (GM foods) are foods in which their structrure has been reformed into an unnatural state. There is a large diversity of these foods, and they essentially come from crops. Being that, it is the literal crops in which the modification process takes place. Examples of GM foods are tomatoes, corn, canola, milk, and numerous others. When ...view middle of the document...

On the postive side, GM animals are able to become resistant to certain diseases. They can also grow at a faster rate, requiring less feedings. Along with these two examples, animals that are genetically engineered can contain more nutrition. On the other hand, animals that are genetically altered can be known to have less nutritional value, just like within food. Some will say that by creating these organisms, animals can have unpredible behaviors, different strains of diseases, and this engineering can be considered unethical.
To conlcude, some of the most powerful applications of gene alteration is used in the medical field. It's used to treat, prevent, and diagnose patients with diseases. Specicially illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, and alzheimers. One stragery used in this field is something called recombinant DNA. This is a process that takes a DNA strand from one organism and places it into another, giving it a whole new trait. To clarify, recombinant DNA assits in prohibiting diseases. On the contary, medically, genetic engineering can also have negative aspects. Theories have arosen that state by preforming these tasks...

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