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Genetic Engineering’s Positive Effect On The Wor

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Genetic Engineering is a valuable and beneficial technology because it brings helpful pharmaceuticals to the world and keeps prices of crop grown foods low.Fruits and Vegetables can become even more nutritious than they already are with the help of genetic Engineering. No one wants cancer. Everyone hates and gets embarrassed about getting gas. People with allergies to certain foods are being deprived of what they can or can not eat. These are things that genetic engineering can forever change. The biotechnology industry has been working on oranges that contain the nutrients equal to a multivitamin, tomatoes and broccoli that include more cancer risk reducing antioxidants, nuts with less saturated oil and less allergy substances and beans with less gas giving carbohydrates (1 Jaret). Genetic Engineering can help people become healthy even if they don't want to exercise or take vitamins. Clare Hasler, director of the functional foods program at Illinois University agrees that "Genetic engineering holds out the promise of making many foods that are already good for you even better" (1 Jaret). Genetically altered foods attract people, because they're extremely healthy, and as a result of many buyers, the prices of these foods stay low. As a result of genetic engineering, people around the world will have better, happier and healthier lives with improved and cheaper foods.Biotech companies have helped reduce toxic chemicals which are dangerous to people, animals and plants through genetic engineering. It used to be that if a virus got to one of the plants in a crop, then the whole crop was doomed to dying. Now plants are genetically altered so that they are immune to virulent viruses (1 Jaret). This saves the lives of many plants in the United States and around the world. Plants are good for food and for a healthy environment for both animals and humans. Moreover, weeds and bugs are also a problem in crops all over the world. In the past, farmers have used chemicals to control their problems within the crop. These chemicals are harmful to the crop's growth and development. Through genetic engineering, crops have genes that make them resistant to commonly used pesticides and herbicides, so weeds and bugs are controlled without hurting the crop with poisonous chemicals (1 Jaret). Some examples of such crops are corn, cotton, rapeseed and tomato. All of those crops were common foods that people eat in their everyday lives. The reduction of toxic chemicals has dropped drastically due to genetic engineering. Amy Ridenour, director of the National Center for Public Policy Research in Washington, D.C. states that "Biotechnology has already let to an 80 percent reduction in insecticide use in U.S. cotton crops" (1 Jaret). Herbicides and pesticides that are used on normal crops, hurt the crops and the farmers have to throw away the plants that die. The crops that are genetically...

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