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Genetic Modification Food In Our Lives

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As a citizen of the United States of America, I have the right to know where my future hard earn money is going too. With tax money constantly being spent, we wonder where is all the money going too; one solution is to our foods in are local town stores. Genetically Modified Foods have surfaced into America in the early 1990’s and ever since then been a part of our lives. Approximately 80% of American processed foods contain some form of genetic modification. These products include foods, seeds, medicines and vaccines. It’s an epidemic in my opinion, the worst common factor is that G.M.O seeds cross pollinate, which makes it nearly impossible to clean up the contaminated gene pool. The ...view middle of the document...

Scientist has discovered that increases in disorders such as autism, digestive problems, and reproductive problems were all from the Genetically Modified processed foods. Many health food awareness groups are out against genetically modified foods, one cause that have caught many peoples attentions was that the milk from (GM) cows haves an increase of (hormone IGF-1) which is linked to cancer.
It’s a dangerous thing to play with a genetic gene pool; by mixing genes from totally unrelated organisms, can unleash a whole variety of unpredictable side effects. By producing different unknown substances can cause all kinds of new toxins and allergens that we will now have to deal with. The sick twisted plot is that the government is behind these productions, most of the G.M.O’s are ignored by the government regulations of safety assessments. The causes of this tragedy is because of the (FDA) does not require a safety precaution, and also does not mandate GMO products to be labeled, and also allows companies to put their GM foods into the markets without even notifying the department. The excuse for their actions was that they did not know that (GMF) would have significant different effects than normal organic food. Clearly! That was a lie! The only reason they let it slide was because the side-effects would slightly be undetectable. So the plan all along was to ride it under the radar and see how far they can go. The system is so sneaky, the government allowed these companies to produce these contaminated foods, give it to local stores and feed it to the consumers, at the same time the FDA was promoting biotechnology. These same biotechs was the same people that told us that Agent Orange, PCB’s and DDT’s were safe. All those are harmful to us, but somehow it was convinced...

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