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Around 90% soya, corn, sugar, cotton and gondola crops are genetically modified food although it’s not imminently obvious but most of the products in the grocery store contain GMO’s meaning that all humans consumed them. GMO’S are plants that are genetically engineered by splicing their DNA with other species producing plants, animals, bacterial combinations that probably won’t be found in nature, because this technology was developed it produces a crop that resists pets. GMO’s also allow crops to grow in also a dry land because it would last farmers to produce a lot more food in a lot more places with a lot less work. The GM was produced to protect and improve the crops. The GM crops are currently are on stores and are mainly aimed to increase the level of crop protection. Herbicide is “ A substance that is toxic to plants, used to destroy unwanted vegetation.” (, I believe that herbicide tolerance is achieved through the gene from a bacterium disinclination to accept herbicides. In situations where food is a high pressure crop has a result in reduction in the amount of the herbicides used.

The herbicides that are on food make people more likely to get sick scientist say in MIT Cambridge have found that this effect occurs slowly around the cellular systems around the body, also effecting the most common problem such as disorders, obesity, diabetes, heart diseases and depression. Other studies have found that GMO’S are contained a high level of toxic and can link to cancer. Genetically modified food is being consumed each day with no research of its potential threats on the human threats. It also has modified ingredients that can cause cancer according to doctor Stanely Ewen and they state “ Raised that concern that food and water contaminated with genetically engineered material could increase the growth of malignant tumours upon contact with humans. Later, other studies suggested a link between engineered food and cancer” .it can also cause raise new allergy outbreaks in humans, mostly humans are allergic to nuts and most of the food are genetically modified with nuts so that causes them a withdrawn from production.


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