Genetically Engineered Foods And How They Are Being Unjustly Attacked. (Obviously Pro Ge Foods.)

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"Friends of the Earth" (or rather, "Enemies of Humanity"), a leading environmentalist organization, proposes a moratorium on GE foods and makes its stand against business clear: "No one needs genetically modified food, except the companies investing in it. The only reason for its existence is to increase agribusiness profits."Greenpeace does not lag behind in their attack: "Trade in GE food and crops is dominated by a handful of multinational corporations. It is widely believed that these are the only beneficiaries of genetically engineered foods."But their claim evades that no business can exist without a profit, or make a profit by offering unhealthy food to its customers. Their statements really mean that they rather have businesses go bankrupt, than have them make a profit. They would rather have all of us starve than see any of us prosper.Environmentalists claim that GE foods are dangerous or potentially dangerous to consumers and to the environment.Friends of Earth lays down their main argument about the dangers of GE foods, "The health effects of eating GE foods are, as yet, unknown."But what this argument reveals is their ignorance. What they unwillingly admit is the knowledge that there were no damaging health effects observed since the introduction of GE crops, in 1996. Today GE crops cover about a hundred million acres in the US. This means that more than two hundred billion pounds of GE foods are being now produced every year!The arbitrary assertion that GE foods are potentially dangerous, that they may possibly be harmful in some unknown way at some unknown time is no...

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The Problems With Genetically Engineered and Modified Foods

2042 words - 8 pages the consumer because the products are just too new and innovated at this point. Through the examination of the effects of engineered crops on agriculture, the experimentation and distribution concerns, and the scientific evaluation of increased toxicity levels and antibiotic immunities, one will unmistakably be able to see how genetically engineered and modified foods are not a trend that citizens should not buy into. The heightened and

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674 words - 3 pages foods that may be dangerous to us so they can make more money. Hormone and anti-biotic injected meats and genetically engineered foods should be banned for retail in the United States due to their dangerous effects on human health.Genetically engineered foods have been proven unsafe for human consumption, yet they are still being produced and sold to the public everyday. Because genetic engineering is a precise job, one mistake can potentially be

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1126 words - 5 pages biotechnology company-Monsanto invented world-first herbicide resistant soybeans. The technology continue to accelerate quickly and when it came to the millennium, this genes modification technique was found to be able to enhance certain nutrients of foods. (“History of genetically modified crops”, n.d.). However, the society is still doubtful with crops that are genetically modified (GM) and are afraid about its potential health effects (“Genetically

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1137 words - 5 pages possibility of harm to consumers with food allergies” (4). It is obviously necessary that genetically modified foods be closer studied before they can be declared safe. Other risks pertain to consumer health, “Many people believe that organically produced foods are, in some way, healthier than conventionally produced foods, and they seek out products that are labeled organic because organic agriculture shuns synthetic chemical pesticides

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1394 words - 6 pages breeding, but is not very accurate. Scientists have been using biotechnology to implant the gene that makes the plants act the way they want them to. Genetically modified foods have advantages and disadvantages on the environment and advantages and disadvantages on society. We have to weigh the positives and negatives to see if genetically modified foods are healthy for us and if we really need them. Genetically modified foods have a huge impact

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578 words - 2 pages A heated debate in the Biotechnology industry is the issue of genetically modified or engineered foods vs. organics. Not only must we take into account the health issues, but the environmental impact and the effects on the market. Though many would argue GE foods are more affordable, nutritious and have a longer shelf life, do we truly know the long term effect of these foods? How does the presence or lack there of certain pathogens or vaccines

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1240 words - 5 pages make good points also. They question whether or not GM foods are healthy for humanity, the GM foods strengthen the negative parts of the environment, and question the ethics of changing the genes of organisms. Both sides of the argument make great points and people should believe what they want. Works cited Carpenter, Janet E. "Genetically Engineered Crops Have Had a Positive Impact on Biodiversity." Biodiversity. Ed. Debra A. Miller

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3390 words - 14 pages development and consumption of genetically modified foods. It is hard to believe that the general public is so willing to support dietary supplements and reject genetically modified foods at the same time. It is also alarming to see how the government takes money and approves the usage of dietary supplements even though they are known to cause health risks (Krugman, 2000). The third irony in the genetically modified food debate is the comparison

Genetically Modified Foods

1790 words - 8 pages huge companies that monopolize the genetically engineered food industry, small farmers have been losing money, even though their crop yields have increased (Lerner and Lerner). Because these few companies have very little competition, their health standards aren’t as high as they should be. GM safety studies are officially deemed unnecessary by the FDA even though the scientists working for the FDA disagree, saying that these safety checks should

Genetically Modified Foods

1139 words - 5 pages into the environment. With the release of engineered organisms, many feel apprehensive and concerned with the potential harm it may cause to human health. Because the modified organisms are living, they are more likely to be unpredictable than chemicals. Jeremy Rifkin suggests, “the long-term cumulative environmental impact of releasing thousands of genetically engineered organisms could be equally destructive” (qtd. In Phillips 2). The most

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972 words - 4 pages genetically modified foods are the general term used to refer to plants, foods and crops, where the genes and DNA of these different plants have been altered and modified for certain purposes. The process to modify these plants is done by means of the latest molecular biology and science techniques to enhance certain aspects and qualities of the plants. These different techniques can be used to enhance growth, productivity and durability. These plants are

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733 words - 3 pages these new foods are more complex than it may seem. One of the health effects of genetically engineered foods is that when someone eats it, they don't know exactly what they are eating. This is because if a gene from a food that commonly causes allergic reactions, like fish or peanuts, is inserted into tomatoes or corn, where people would not expect to find these allergens, and then it could cause a potentially fatal reaction. The easy remedy

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1544 words - 6 pages There are many potential benefits that come with genetically engineered crops. While there are many people against it, I believe that the pros out weigh the cons. All the negativity on genetically engineered foods is more hysterical and emotional than factual and real. The negative connotations on genetically modified or engineered, synthetic or man-made products serve only as a barrier to potential benefits it could bring. Genetically