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Genetically Engineering Babies Essay

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Generations younger than 30 will be more open and willing to pay more to genetically engineering their children.


The aim of my research is to determine which age category will be more supportive and willing to genetically engineering babies and to what price people will be willing to pay to genetically engineer their children.


Genetic engineering is the process of using ...view middle of the document...

The first instance of genetic engineering happened in 1973 where Herbert Boyer and Stanley Cohen created the first transgenic organism, they inserted an antibiotic resistant gene into an E. coli bacterium thus creating the first transgenic organism ( 2014). In 1974, Rudolf Jaenisch created the first transgenic animal by inserting foreign DNA into a mouse’s embryo, after these discoveries were made, a discussion at the Asilomar Conference happened between scientists behind closed doors which resulted in an order of oversight over all research on genetic engineering until the results could be proven to be safe.

In 2000, Adam Nash was born, he was the first genetically modified baby to be born in history. Scientists genetically created and chose his embryo in order to save his sisters life, she was dying of Fanconi’s Anemia, a genetically inherited blood disorder that causes a build up of proteins responsible for DNA repair, due to this many sufferers of Fanconi’s Anemia develop cancer (Wikipedia 2014). Adam Nash also had a very high chance of inheriting the disease but due to the Genetic engineering of his embryo, he was born without the disease. Once he was born blood cells from his umbilical cord were transplanted into his sisters body, which saved her life. (Johnson 2013)


There is 1 possible technique that scientists can use to genetically modify offspring, Germline genetic engineering. This technique has made many people turn against genetic engineering as it seem immoral and unethical to some.

Germline cells are the cells within a human body that are used for reproductive purposes, these Germline cells include the cells that create eggs in females and sperm in males, and they also include eggs and sperm.

Germline Method:

Parents of the child will choose the desired genes for their child, whether it be, eye colour, hair colour etc. Scientists then insert the selected genes into the embryo of the mothers extracted fertilized egg, at this stage the cells are still totipotent meaning they are no different to one another and can create any type of cell in the body (Rachel Nash, 2007), these types of cells are known as embryotic stem cells. At this stage any cells inside the egg will now be copied and created into each successive cell in the egg as it divides to create a fetus. The fertilized egg containing the selected genes will then be re-planted into the mother. The fetus will then grow until born and will express all the traits that the parents chose for the child. The genes given to the child will then also be passed onto future generations thus changing the genetics of the family tree.

The above image shows the process of removing and inserting genes into the fertilized eggs of a host mother.

Controversy Around Genetically Engineering Humans:

Argument For Genetically Engineering Humans:

In 1966 Robert Sinsheimer proposed an extremely optimistic yet achievable proposal, he proposed that through the use...

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