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Some people wish they were born with blue eyes, others wished for blonde hair. The unique characteristics we are born with comes down to our DNA and genetics. According to, “Genetically Modified” is a term described as “denoting or derived from an organism whose DNA has been altered for the purpose of improvement or correction of defects”. Scientists have been researching manipulating genes for some time now. Scientists could potentially alter babies before they are born to change their eye color, hair color and other attributes that would be ideal to the expecting parents. But, if we start to genetically modify babies, we will be corrupting our natural way of life and free will.
It was not that long ago that there was an age of no internet or computers. Life around the world has changed dramatically in the past thirty years. Technology has advanced at faster rate than ever before. We now know about many new things including humans including our DNA. It seems as though, the more we learn about the make up of our bodies, the more we are learning how to manipulate them. Do we want to let science take over our natural way of life? Russell Powell of the Journal of Medicine & Philosophy agrees that there is a common worry that humans could be harmed by genetic engineering of humans. The problem, Powell says, could potentially lead to the extinction of human life. By reducing human genetic diversity, we could end up with a biological monoculture that may increase our susceptibility to deadly diseases.
Lately there has been many debates over foods that have been genetically modified. Imagine the heated debates if it were humans that started to get genetically modified. We would live in a world where one could pay for a “designer baby”. A child you could customize of your own desire. In the process where scientists take out parts of the DNA that are not wanted and replace them with traits desired by the parents and society. A normal baby might be born with its eyes crossed or a cleft lip. Typically, a “designer baby” would not have the imperfections of a natural child. He or she would be engineered to achieve superiority. The problem is in the unknown. Scientists do not have the evidence to prove to the world that gene modification is safe and that there will be no later consequences to the children or society.
How is this all possible? Although it seems like science fiction, there are signs that this is a possibility in our future. It starts with our germ line. Our germ line, according to Merriam-Websters dictionary is “the genetic material contained in this cellular lineage which can be passed to the next generation”. It is the traits passed down from our parents and family linage. Our cellular lineage in every human consists of DNA. According to the National Human Genome Research Institute, DNA is a “molecule called deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), which contains the biological instructions that make each species unique. DNA,...

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