Genetically Modified Crops Position Essay

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Genetically Modified (Gm) foods are genetically modified organisms (GMO) that have their genome altered through genetic engineering techniques. The plants have been produced by techniques in which "foreign" genes are inserted into the microorganism, plant, or animal. The foreign genes are inserted into the GMO for some beneficial effect, (increase crop yield, insect resistance, and added nutrition). Numerous arguments dealing with GM foods, but the main arguments deal with the benefits and the risks.The argument used by biotech companies is that genetically engineered crops could be the next green revolution. They argue that GMOS can help people with insecure food supplies, especially in developing countries. For example, a genetically modified rice crop that is resistant to flooding and that can withstand being submerged for 3 weeks (usually rice crop dies underwater after one week) would mean a more secure food supply for many Asian countries. Another problem that has been devastating banana trees is the fungus Black Sigatoka. The fungus kills banana trees and the only way of treating the fungus is with heavy doses of fungicides that are losing ground against the fungus as it builds up more and more resistance. Genetically modified banana trees that are resistant might be the only way to save many of our favorite banana varieties in grocery stores and help protect food supplies in tropical countries. Another great benefit that has nothing to do with nutrition that involve GMOs are crops that are produced for chemicals that are used in drugs and pharmaceuticals that have benefits from being able to produce many different type chemicals as well as mass production potential (GMO Compass).So genetically engineering is fairly or I should say some what embraced in the U.S. Why is that? If anyone researches GMOs on mainstream sources your notice something wrong with a little insight. There are no stories of Africans being fed, people being helped, the world becoming a better place? Well there a simple reason because it just isn't happening. The biological dangers of GMOs such as organic crop contamination and uncertainty of the dangers that GMOs might represent to humans in the future are uncertain. For instance most GMOs have traits that make them more profitable for the farmer (maybe) such as insect resistance no nutritional benefits for the consumer as of yet. Why it's so hard to dig up bad news on GMOs in main stream articles is probably the same reason it was so hard to dig up information on the holocaust in Nazi Germany in 1943: politics.GMOs are controlled by multinational corporations so place a picture of Enron in your mind. Next take into account that the seeds by GMO companies make farmers enter contracts to buy seeds every year and if they fail to keep the contract companies such a Monsanato has forced farmers to destroy there crops. Companies also employ GURT (Genetically Use Restirction Technology). What this means is that after a year...

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