Genetically Modified Plants; Should Their Use Be Continued Or Not? The Pro's And Con's.

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For many years, the genetic makeup of flora and fauna organisms has been modified by humans. This is done through the cross breeding of two selected creatures that both have a set of desirable traits, to result in progeny that have an above average combination of the desired characteristics. Selective breeding methods can be very time consuming and more than often, aren’t very accurate. Over the past few decades, genetic scientists have developed a new technology which helps speed up the process of creating and altering the physical and chemical characteristics of an organism. The technique used is called genetic modification. Genetically modified plants are a particular selection of plants created through the process of genetic modification. These plants have been modified in a laboratory to improve desired qualities such as an increased resistance to herbicides or enhanced nutritional content. Plants that have been genetically modified also contain characteristics that enhance things such as their looks, taste and smell.There is a range of different methods used to modify organisms such as selective breeding, but genetic modification is much more rapid and precise. The technique of genetically modifying allows scientists to insert specific genes into a plant organism rather than undergo the trial-and-error procedure of selective breeding. Genetic modification is where a gene is removed from a living organism. The gene is then placed into a different living organism, either of the same or different species. This then creates a plant which contains genes with desired characteristics. It is a fast, accurate technology for creating new and improved species.There are many uses for genetically modified plants, but the initial use is to create a food able to endure being sprayed with dangerous chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides and to improve crop protection. By creating a plant that can survive being sprayed with harmful chemicals which surpass weeds and pest, cultivators can now control the weeds and insects by spraying the pesticides and herbicides right onto the plants. The cultivators do not have to worry about the plant reacting to the chemicals as the plant is immune to pest and weed sprays. Genetically modified plants can also be make the plant last longer and stay fresher, increase the quantity of the particular plant produced and to experiment with the taste and quality of the plant. Genetic modification of other organisms has been used to produce human insulin and a hepatitis B vaccination. In future, scientists hope to use genetically modified plants as vaccines for numerous harmful diseases such as HIV, tuberculosis, diabetes and rabies. They plan to use genetically modified plants, over organisms such as animals, as plants are inexpensive to produce. They could be used to manufacture great quantities of drugs or vaccines at a low cost, making the medicine more available to a wider range of people. Genetically modified...

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