Genetically Modified Food: A Threat To Our Environ

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For thousand of years now, something called genetically modified food has been introduced into our environment .The term GM foods is frequently used when referring to crops that have had their genes altered. Even thought it is said that genetically modified food benefits our lives, in reality it poses many threats to our environment particularly because it pollutes our plants, contaminates the soil, and it kills our beneficial insects.One released, genetically modified food cannot be recalled, or cleaned up. The genetically altered food poses threats to other food that have not had their genes altered. Even thought certain crops were not meant to be altered, the forces of nature have done so. It is said that pollen from one genetically altered plant can spread up to 1/5th of the United States, therefore contaminating nearby crops. The pollen spreads very easily, GM pollen can be carried by wind, rain, birds, bees, insects, fungus, bacteria, therefore creating hard to keep a GM free crop. US studies shows that more than 50% of wild strawberries growing near a 50 meter distance ? that?s about 160 feet, of a GM strawberry field had GM gene markers. US studies also showed that 25-38% of wild sunflowers growing near GM crops had GM gene markers.GM producers say that bioengineering helps reduce the amount of herbicides and pesticides used on the crops. In reality it is the opposite. The majority of GM crops produced are toxin-resistance, which means in order for the pesticide or herbicide to work, it will require higher dosages. An article by R.J. Goldburg...

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