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Genetically Modified Food And Food Additives

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Thesis: The uses of steroids, antibiotics, and sprays in food have had a major impact on society’s health since they became available to manufactures in the mid 1950’s. Due to their cancer causing chemicals and genetically alternating steroids, the public needs to educate themselves about foods that contain these chemicals in order to decide what foods they do and do not want their families to intake.
I. Certain additives have been linked to cause cancer and cancer cells.
A. Although food additives have not yet been tested on human beings, researchers have concluded that due to the fact that they have been found to cause cancer in animals, it is safe to say that they lead to cancer in humans as well.
1. The additive nitrate has been shown to cause health problems.
2. Nitrates are found in lunch meats.
B. The government and food industries should be responsible for regulating unsafe additives.
1. The government is aware of the cancer causing additives, but still allows food manufactures to sell the foods that contain them.
2. Food industries are allowed to decide whether or not a certain food additive is considered dangerous.
II. There are many dangers of antibiotics being in foods.
A. Once people educate themselves on how the antibiotics that go into their food affect their health, then they can decide how to reduce their risks of being affected.
1. The healthier the foods you eat, the less chemicals tend to be present in them
2. The things a person should look for when determining what foods to purchase are things such as added coloring, and flavoring.
B. There are many uses for antibiotics in food.
1. Antibiotics are used to help animals gain weight.
2. Meats have a lot more antibiotics and are less natural.
III. Genetically modified foods are not just limited to the foods that people from toddlers to adults eat, but it expands to the foods that infants consume as well.
A. Genetically modified foods have not been on the market for that long.
1. Due to researcher’s lack of knowledge on genetically modified foods, they are unsure as to what all the major risks of these foods are.
2. They can cause health problems to develop early on from the point of consumption.
B. Genetically modified foods pose a risk to those that have allergies due to their make-up.
IV. The use of steroids, or hormones, in foods causes many health problems.
A. There are many reasons why food manufactures use hormones.
1. Hormones make animals such as chickens grow faster.
2. Hormones have been shown to increase production in animals.
B. Consumers are concerned about the hormones in food.
1. Synthetic hormones can lead to cancer.
2. Certain hormones have been shown to cause breast cancer.
Steroids, Antibiotics, and Sprays:
Are Food Manufactures Killing Us?
It has been found that both genetically modified foods and foods that contain other additives are a big part of the average Human diet. For instance, in America over 80% of the foods we eat has...

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