Genetically Modified Food: Monsters Or Miracle?

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As our society shifted from hunter gathers to farmers to the present day, humans have always been working towards the common goal of steady food supply. The idea of a seed naturally taking root and growing into a beautiful plant that supplies bountiful amounts of food is an ideal thought but working in my family’s garden for a large majority of my life has shown me, that is not what happens. The success of a plant depends on many factors, many of which are out of our control such as rain, sunshine, temperature, and insects. Yet another aspect is the fact that a homegrown ear of corn looks very rarely like the golden ears we find at the super market; often they are small and haggled, but if you can see past that, very delicious. As society has grown, it seems systems in place attempt to become more efficient and selling haggled pieces of corn is not efficient. It is no wonder why scientists all over the world are working for major corporations like Monsano to make produce and livestock more reliable and efficient. These byproducts are known as GMOs or Genetically Modified Organisms. Although I will openly admit, I am against the idea of GMOs and the unidentified side effects that they may pose, I do believe GMOs have improved the quality of food. Without GMOs we would all be eating haggled pieces of corn! Genetically modified food products offer a higher quality food source, a more reliable food source and have the potential of ending malnutrition and disease around the world.
As we browse the supermarket today looking at quality produce, a large percentage of the produce if not all has in some way been genetically modified. In fact it has been over twenty years since the first genetically modified food entered the supermarket. In 1992, the US Department of Agriculture first approved the sale of GMO tomatoes in the supermarket (“History of GMOS”). Prior to genetic modification, tomatoes would have to be picked while unripe and then only maybe would they not spoil before reaching the supermarket. While today’s tomatoes are picked when ripe and survive the trip to the market while remaining the beautiful red color and delicious fruit we all enjoy today. However as Americans, we sometimes forget that quality comes at a price. If a farmer has high production costs with only half of his crop succeeding and then has to ship his product to market for another fifty percent to rot, it is common sense that the price of the produce will be higher. Genetic modification can ensure that pests will not kill off their entire yield, can modify a seed for greater success in unideal growing situations, boost the size of the produce, and ensure that the product will not spoil until it reaches market. GMOs ensure a life that isn’t just bread and water for dinner but also quality, healthy produce that provides proper nutrition for families at a reasonable price.
With a growing population around the world, the genetically modified food produces a higher yield...

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