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Genetically Modified Foods Essay

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Are genetically modified foods assessed differently from traditional foods?
Genetically Modified Foods (GMOs) are known to cause a swarm of controversy; a lot of experts disagree with the notion that if it’s economically successful, then the potential health risks found in Genetically Modified Foods can be overlooked.
The questions someone must ask themselves is this, can the Genetically Modified Foods be helpful? Does money matter more than your health? Ask yourself these questions. But before you answer these questions you must first educate yourself on what are Genetically Modified Foods? How are they produced? And are they safe enough for consumption?
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The genetically modified food also is able to grow at more rapid and in generally larger portions due the genetic material inside of them.
New technology is also allowing us to use genetically modified organisms for different uses other than food consumption, but there are many people and organizations don’t like the way the organisms are being manipulated. Many of the criticism about Genetically Modified Foods are mainly focused on the harmful after affects that the Genetically Modified Foods present to us after we have consumed them into our bodies.
Is Genetically Modified Foods safe?
The big question everyone is asking themselves about Genetically Modified Foods is it safe for consumption? Now with experts estimating, those between 60-70% of national grocery stories have ingredient’s that have genetically modified material inside of them. Now in your mind you’re probably thinking that it’s kind of odd for something (GMOs) that’s supposed to be bad for you to be inside more than half of the items in the grocery store.
I’m sure you’re raising up your eyebrows like that’s awful strange that (GMOs) are supposed to be bad but their inside a large number of foods and snacks that you love and crave so much. Does that mean that my favorite potato chips, cereal, soda? Your assumption is correct all of these items including baby food have genetically modified materials inside of them. Please don’t be upset you’re not the only in the world that didn’t know this. USDA funded a survey that showed about 52% percent of American citizens were aware that there is genetically modified food inside of food items inside most grocery stores and supermarkets.
When questioning the safety of genetically modified foods and how they are known to have harmful effects on are health some expert’s haven’t been completely able to find evidence that genetically modified foods without a doubt cause are bodies harm. But for some there have been studies done in Canada were scientist were able to find traces of genetically modified material inside the bloodstream of nursing and women that were not pregnant.
They also were able to discover Monsanto’s BT toxin; Aris A. LeBlanc S. maternal and fetal exposure to pesticides associated to genetically modified food. The fetus in the study can also a have a negative reaction to the toxins found in genetically modified foods. In another study the public library of science did research that linked the DNA used in creating genetically modified foods were found inside of human that ate them. The DNA itself has the ability to carry complete gene sequences, causes are DNA to be higher than it is supposed to.
Experts have found evidence that (GMOs) are linked to several different gluten disorders that affects more than 18 million American’s annually. Genetically modified corn, a popular food for genetically modification has been shown to cause rats and other small rodents to develop brain tumors.
Glyphosate is a substance that is found...

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