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Genetically Modified Foods Can Fix Numerous Problems

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Vicki Swed
Mrs. Reichman
English 9
March 19 2014
Genetically Modified Foods Can Fix Numerous Problems
Did you know that about 99 million acres were used for genetically modifying foods in the U.S in only five years? (Whitman 1). Although there are many concerns about genetically modified foods being unsafe or costly, the benefits of them overrule the cons. Genetically modified foods are beneficial for us because they can help cure world hunger, they can help people in poverty, they can give us more nutrients and there can be less crops wasted.
If you do not know what genetically modified foods are they are foods that can be produced by using science that have extra health benefits. These foods have been altered to have more desired features while the unwanted features have been removed. Genetically engineering foods is much faster than other ways and has a better and more wanted outcome (Whitman 1). This process is done by taking genes from plants and moving them to a different plant (Whitman 1). Cantaloupes, soybeans, sugar beans, corn, cotton plants and tomatoes are some of the plants with modified traits. Because they come from many different places most of the food we eat have at least some ingredients that have been modified. You may be eating foods that have at least some parts of them modified and you do not even know it. (Whitman 4).
Genetically modified foods have tons of benefits that could help better our world and our health. Lots of people that are in poverty rely on rice for their nutrition and rice does not give them too many health benefits. By genetically modifying foods it can help these poor people get more nutrition that rice does not offer and prevent famine and underfeeding in lesser countries. Those who cannot afford the medication they need can get the medicine they need put into their crops. They will not need to pay extra for medicine and they only need to pay the cost of the crops. It also makes the medicine simpler to stock and transfer (Whitman 3). Aside from helping people in poverty, genetically modified foods can help with diets. The world needs protein and these methods could help bring us more protein. Eating foods that have been sprayed with harsh chemicals can harm our bodies. These genetically modified foods can keep bugs away and they do not have to be sprayed with chemicals. Genetically modified foods have no need for substances that kill bugs because they can do it naturally on their own (Whitman 2). Improvements in our diets can be achieved through genetically engineering foods (Greenwood). Not only does genetically modifying foods help our diets but by genetically modifying foods can prevent waste because the crops are modified to tolerate things like pests, harsh weather and weeds. Scientists are at work trying to make genetically modified plants and crops that are not prone to diseases and can prevent catching fungi and mold. Usually plants are effected by icy weather. If the...

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