Genetically Modified (Gm) Food Should Not Be Banned.

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We do believe that genetically modified (GM) food should not be banned.First of all, let's see the definition of genetically modified (GM) food. It is food that contains ingredients that have had their genetic structure modified in order for the crops to grow faster, to be bigger, or to be more resistant to disease or pests while they grow. The genetically modified techniques are direct successors of the traditional techniques, as their essences are both doing the gene improvement by acquiring fine gene. They are just different in scope and efficiency.Therefore, current techniques are the development and supplement of traditional techniques, just faster and selective. And it is perfectly nice to use the genetically modification to increase the efficiency of improving the breeds of animals and the strains of crops. Wheat, for example, was cultivated, through selective breeding, from an almost no-yield rice-type crop into the super-crop it is today. Then, we can come to the conclusion that genetically modified food should not be banned.Secondly, the genetically modified food should not be banned because it brings a lot of advantages to us all. On one hand, GM food can solve the staple food problem. We can exploit productive potential, and raise crops' productive force by a big margin by genetically techniques. For example, per unit yield of the retard-leaf-decrepit paddy, bred by our scientists through genetically techniques, are notably raised. On the other hand, genetically modification can change the crops agronomy characteristic. First, modification techniques can strengthen the crops ability against pests and virus and decrease its need for strong herbicide and insecticide which do a lot of damage to our enviroment. Take Canada for example, the amount of the use of pesticide was reduced by 40%. It can lighten the farmers' load and make them increase the production without increasing the expense. By making use of genetically modification, the America can increase its agronomy income by 1.5 billion per year. Moreover, the pesticide that remains in the crops or food is detrimental to our health. Secondly, genetically modification can heighten the crops nutrient value. For instance, the "golden paddy", bred by the Swiss scientists, rich in carotene p, is hopeful for developing countries to get out of the situation that lack of vitamin A of the population. Thirdly, genetically modified techniques make the crops or the food serve new purposes. We have succeeded in developing the trefoil...

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