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Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Venice High, English 4 Essay

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Performance Task pg.469 Juazeiro
Writing activity: Argument
James Zelaya
Aedes aegypti mosquitos are among the deadliest creatures on earth, They follow humans nearly everywhere we go. Until the nineteen-thirties, the mosquito transmitted yellow fever with devastating efficiency. The mosquito also carries dengue, one of the world’s most rapid spreading viral diseases. There is no cure or treatment for dengue. British biotechnology company called Oxitec has developed a method of creating male Aedes mutant mosquitos capable of destroying its own species.
Oxitec intends to release these genetically modified mosquitos in hope of bringing about a solution to the spread of viral diseases by this species. Male Aedes will mate with females in the wild, their eggs fertilized by these males will hatch normally but prior to the mosquito being able to fly the males genes will kick in and kill the new born insect. This destruction process takes less than two weeks, with a large enough number of genetically modified eggs produces and let into wild the Aedes population would decrease and so would the spread of diseases such as dengue. All though this seems like a unique way of taking care of this problem I believe it would be an effective solution. Giovanini Coelho who is in the Brazilian Ministry of Health’s National Program for control of dengue, has stated his support for this method but has also gone on to say “I am not saying this alone will solve the problem or that there are no risk. There are always risk, but that is why we start with small studies in geographically isolated neighborhoods.” In Brazil people are dying as a result of the spread of dengue and...

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