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Genetically Modified Organism: Essay

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Genetically modified organisms are “an organism whose genome has been altered in order to favour the expression of desired physiological traits or the output of desired biological products.” The United States were first approved for human consumption of genetically modified foods in 1995. The techniques used for producing the genetically developed organisms include cloning recombinant DNA technology. Primary uses of genetically modified organisms are mostly in areas of agriculture and biomedical research. GMOs compromise numerous aids to society, including enlarged crop yields and the development of fresh ...view middle of the document...

A substantial increase in genetically modified crops area has been reported in developing countries of Africa, Asia, and Latin America. In the developing countries especially in the tropic and subtropics, there have been major losses to the crops due to pests, diseases and poor soil salinity. In tropical areas there is a very high post-harvest loss due to the climate for fungal and insect infestation. There have been efforts to avoid pre and post-harvest crop losses but the pests destroy half of the world’s crop production. Post-harvest losses are due to insects but this is only found in developing countries in which it is estimated to be 15% of the world’s production.
Insect vermin affect crop losses to farmers which affects financial losses to farmers and starvation in developing countries. The farmers use a huge quantity of chemical pesticides yearly to eradicate the pests from damaging their crops. Consumers don’t want to eat foods that have been treated with chemicals and pesticides as of the potential health hazards and the run off of agriculture wastes that that are from excessive use of pesticides and fertilizers that poison the water supply. Growing genetically modified foods such as corn helps eliminate the use of pesticides which reduce the cost of crop market. Corn is a crop that can be easily grown. Corn is widely grown in...

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