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Genetically Modified Organisms And How They Affect Humans

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There are hundreds of thousand of genetically modified organisms out there all around us and there helping people every day so let begin into the complex world of genetically modified organisms.
We will start with a fun but also life changing organism the glowing cat. These amazing organisms have a florescent glow due to a gene from a jellyfish but this also made them immune to the FIV virus which is very similar the HIV virus so could these cat possibly put a stop to the AIDS pandemic that is sweeping this world or will they just make a mess. ( information

Now that is not the only transgenic organism out there there is thousand ...view middle of the document...

And last but not least Embryonic Stem Cell Transfer This method allows for the insertion of the genes of interest into very specific sites in the ge­nome of the recipient organism. Embryonic stem cells are isolated from the recipient organism and grown in tissue culture flasks. These cells are then modified by inserting DNA containing the gene of interest and sequences that enable the DNA to be inserted into specific sites in the genome. These modified embryonic stem cells are then injected into the blastocyst stage of a de­veloping recipient organism, and this blastocyst containing the gene of interest is implanted into a surrogate mother. The resulting organisms express the gene more efficiently.(
Now there is some consequences to making these organisms such as new allergens and also the transfer of antibiotic resistant genes. It can also be a major source of pollution because not all transgenic organisms are made on purpose like when farmers use...

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