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Genetically Modified Organisms Are Not Good

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‘Genetically Modified Organisms’ can be defined as plants, animals and bacteria that are created specifically for the purpose of various uses which range from scientific research to the production of agriculture (GMO Harmful Effects). The World Health Organization (WTO) state that: “GMOs can be defined as organisms in which the genetic material (DNA) has been altered in a way that does not occur naturally” (World Health Organization). Based on the study conducted on GMOs, it is estimated that around 75% of processed foods can be found on supermarket shelves and the food products range from soda to soup and crackers to condiments (Center for food safety).
Additionally, it was found that there are around sixty-four countries in the world that are labeled to engineer genetic modified food. There are Russia, Japan, Brazil, Australia, China and actually fifteen countries in the European Union. It has been stated that the United States has no laws which makes it compulsory to label genetically modified or engineered foods (Labeling around the World). In reference to the startling statistics the objective of this research paper is to test the hypothesis that:
Genetically modified organisms are bad.
There seems to be enough research on the subject that aims to help test the hypothesis statement above. According to the statement recorded by the World Health Organization, ‘Genetically modified organisms’ cause Allergenicity, Gene transfer, Out crossing. All of these carry the risk of unintended effects (World Health Organization). The WTO discussed problems relating to trade which arise with countries that are regulated with different regulations, regarding the approval and testing procedure (World Trade Organization). Scientific American is a publisher of a magazine which says the labeling of GMO foods is a bad idea. However, the Labeling for GMOS is considered important because it not only alerts buyers but it is sensitive to the quality of the product (Editors). Therefore, based on the three viewpoints by these organizations, this paper will ultimately aim to prove that ‘Genetically Modified Foods’ can be harmful and bad.
In understanding what ‘Genetically Modified Foods’ are, this section is intended to provide a brief description on the important definitions on the key terms. The gene-splicing technique is utilized for the creation of GMO’s. This has developed through the centuries. In current science, DNA is allowed to be injected from one specie to another in order to be tested in various laboratories to create mixtures of plant, animal, bacteria and even viral genes which do not take place naturally or through the traditional crossbreeding procedures (NON GMO Project).
According to the current statistics released by the USDA for the year 2009, it is estimated that 93% of cotton, soy and 86% of corn are GMO products grown in the United States. Additionally, there is an estimation of 90% canola grown using GMO and there are other additional...

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