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Do you ever question what is really in the food you eat? Is a piece of steak really just a piece of steak from a cow’s body? Is a bowl of rice really a bowl of rice grown on a farm? If you answer no to any of these questions don’t feel bad, you’re just like ninety percent of other Americans. The multibillion dollar genetically modified food industry has evolved immensely over the past two decades, and it has secretly entered our lives today. We are not aware of the damage genetically modified organisms can bring by altering the natural traits of our foods which not only impact our environment, but it also impact our abilities to functions as regular humans. We are not aware because GMOs are not labeled; government regulations right now do not require the labeling of Genetically Modified products thus so, consumers are left in the dark eating foods that are potentially lethal to our body. A simple label can control the growth of this industry and promote healthy organic products.
People have been kept in the dark for many years now, how are they growing all these crops when our population is growing at an immense pace. More and more people are born into this world every day and yet our crop source doesn’t seem to be dwindling. There seem to be less and less famines, this is due to the increasing amount of genetically modified foods or GMOs or GE which stands for Genetically Engineered.
People don’t understand the danger of genetically modified foods.
The process of genetically modifying a product is not easy, and it goes against the natural way of growing things. Different species have different character traits, for example penguins and owls, they are both considered birds but penguins can’t fly but they can withstand extreme cold. Owls, on the other hand, would die without doubt if they are brought into the Arctic. Genetically modifying is like taking owl’s DNA and injects it into penguins DNA making them able to fly and withstand the Arctic cold. Genetic engineering is basically taking a product that would take thousands of years to evolve to fit their environment and give them instant traits in a matter of months. Mutating the DNA of an organism will have massive negative impact such as, shortening their lifespan, unstable offsprings and it can even cause these organisms to be extincted.
Genes are coded into a bacteria then after weakening the cell walls, those bacteria invade the cell nucleolus, injects its DNA and cause the two DNAs to mutate and finish off genetic engineering (AbbyMediaRoots). Genetic modifying has been done to tomatoes for the past decades. At night, when it gets too cold, they will freeze, thus making them unable to be harvested. Genetic Modification solved this issue. An Arctic flounder can withstand the extreme cold without furs and fats. Scientists were able to take the DNA of those traits and invade it into the DNA of a tomato making them able to withstand extreme cold and not change its taste at all. So next time...

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