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Genetics After Auschwitz Rhetorical Analysis English In Class Essay

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March.21st 2018
Rhetorical Analysis In Class Essay #2 Genetics after Auschwitz
Although “Genetics after Auschwitz” by David Suzuki brings up an important issue in science: that scientists need to remember the past in science to better the future of science. Ultimately his argument fails because he seems to be trying to reach the casual reader. However, many of his examples, and language used is too science-based for the casual reader making the tone of the text dull. Moreover, the structure of the text is repetitive and disconnected from the piece, in turn, making it harder for the reader to follow along precisely.
David Suzuki is an esteemed Canadian writer, geneticist, and environmental activist. However, this piece from "The David Suzuki Reader." failed to reach the casual reader by making the language inaccessible and therefore, making the overall tone of the text slow and lifeless. Suzuki's' academic background makes him very knowledgeable about science, genetics in particular. He presents himself in this text as someone who is above others with knowledge. Sentences like "The goals laudable--to avoid suffering and improve the human condition--yet those ideas were warped into Nazi race purification, again, with the encouragement of some scientists. (Suzuki p.118), and "In 1988 the conference was to look at DNA and genetic engineering, a timely topic in view of the tremendous advances in molecular genetics and the proposal to decipher the entire genetic blueprint of a human cell," (Suzuki p.112). They make the pattern of language seem very wordy and feels as though he is trying to be overly knowledgeable, without fully explaining. Myself, as a casual reader, I found that the language used is geared towards those with a science background or those who like science. Suzuki fails to make a connection to the general audience because the writing comes out alienating and dull. Moreover, his writing is academic based which prevents the piece from being competent to all audiences.

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