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Genetics Engineering Essay

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what is the concept of engineering?
Engineering is working hand in hand with the rules of nature. All what we are living in today as human is by virtue of engineering. Engineering has begun since the beginning of humanity. People in the past learned how to use the environment materials in order to achieve the requirements of life and to help them to survive. Engineering simply means the ability to solve problems. By understanding the world's problems, and by focusing and trying to solve them we give a simple definition to the word engineering. The engineering has many branches which have evolved over time and one of these branches is bioengineering which contains also many branches ...view middle of the document...

It contains a lot of information that determine the hereditary traits for any organism. Genes are responsible for the initial edition of life. They help to determine everything for any organism such as color, skin, hair and even sensitivity or resistance to any kind of diseases.

Genes revolution
By understanding some mysterious riddles of genes the scientist causes revolution in food production by manipulating genetic traits for plants and animals. The scientist manipulated genes of organisms as a result to make them grow bigger, last longer, and to let them resist diseases. There are surprising examples: rat genes have been inserted into lettuce plants to make a plant that produces vitamin C. Also, moth genes have been inserted into apple trees to add disease resistance. (Paul, Maclntyre Reading Explorer 4th ed.)

The benefits of Genetic Engineering
The Genetic Engineering bring a lot of benefits to humanity. Many crops around the world are potential to be destroyed for many reasons. The crops can't survive sometimes due to climate changes, insects attacks, or harmful diseases. Genetic Engineering helps to avoid any potential reasons that might demolish crops. Moreover, it helps to increase the quality and nutritional value of the vegetables, fruits, and animals that we eat. The benefits of Genetic engineering seems unlimited

The Effects of Genetic Engineering on our food Supply
In the 21st century, our lives are inundated with genetically engineered modifications to our food supply, yet no law requires food to be labeled as a genetically engineered product. Foods are genetically altered to add nutritional value; to protect plant from destruction by insects and viruses; and to enhance the flavor or attractiveness of a food. However, there are some dangers that go along with genetically engineered food, as related to allergens, gene transfer, and outcrossing. By examining both sides of the issue, consumers can make an informed choice on whether or not genetically engineered food sources should be labeled.

Biotechnology foods
Biotechnology foods refer to food produced from animals and plants that are genetically altered. In the...


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