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Genetics Of Ascospore Color In Sordaria Lab

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Introduction:To achieve genetic experiments with haploid organisms, genetic strains of different genotypes must be crossed from one another. Following fertilization and meiosis, the meiotic products can be analyzed as the ascomycete fungus, Sordaria fimicola. Sordaria can be used as a model to study meiotic segregation. The trait followed was the ascospore color. Ascospore color is a single gene trait therefore it is easily observed under a light microspore. Which allele is dominant is very tough to say, because dominant and recessive does not apply in this case. Sexual spores are confined in a saclike form called asci (singular - ascus). Inside the asci, karyogamy occurs and combines the two parental genomes, and then meiosis forms genetically diverse ascospores. Eight ascospores can be found lined up in a row in the asci; they form a single zygote, which is diploid.These arrangements provide scientists to study genetic recombination. The genetic differences between mycelia grown form ascospore taken from one ascus that reflect crossing over and independent assortment of chromosomes during meiosis. An interesting fact about ascospore arrangements is that there occurs no hybridization, and there are peculiar forms of cross over. Ascomycetes can also reproduce asexually by spores called conidia, which are spores that are dispersed by wind and are produced at the end of the hyphae. Another interesting fact about Sordaria is the ability to maintain a constant liner order, permitting the observer to detect the behavior of chromosomes during meiosis. The genetic experiment consists of performing the crossing over of black spores (wild type +) and tan spores (mutant n).Materials and Methods:Two weeks before the fungi lab, crosses between the wild type and the tan strains of Sordaria are prepared. Each lab member needs a Petri plate with a sterile crossing agar. A wax is pencil is utilized to draw a line on the bottom of the plate deciding it into quarters. Alternating quadrants are labeled with + (wild type) and n (mutant). A steel spatula should be burned over a burner to sterilize it; allow it to cool, and then utilize it to cut a small piece of agar containing mycelium from the culture of the wild type Sordaria. Place the small piece in the side of the Petri dish that is marked (+). The same is done for the other quadrant (n); and then inoculate the quadrants marked with (n), from the tan Sordaria plate. Later, seal the edge of the Petri dishes with some parafilm and place inverted in the dark at room temperature or in a 25C incubator, for slow growth place in the refrigerator.After two weeks, the inoculated plates are ready to be examined. In the place where the growths of the two strains meet, using a dissecting needle, remove several mature ascocarps. The mature ascocarps are inserted in...

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