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1. Gregor Mendel preformed an experiment using garden peas. Mendel chose the garden pea for a few reasons. Some of those reasons are because it is easy to grow and hybridize artificially. The pea is also self fertilizing and is easy to cross breed. Additionally, the pea plant reproduces well and grows to maturity in one season. These criteria made the pea plant a great organism to study because it grows fast and allows the experiment to run quickly.
The significance of the F2 ratios portrays the ratio of the dominant trait showing to the recessive trait being visible. In all of the cases, it was about a 3:1 ratio. This means that with every 3 dominant traits that are shown, 1 recessive/contrasting trait will be shown. Another reason why all of the cases are a 3:1 ratio is because of Mendel’s law of Dominance/Recessiveness. The trait expressed in the F1 generation is the dominant trait, where the trait that is not expressed is the recessive trait. In the experiments, two recessive traits were passed down which caused some of the offspring to show the recessive trait, which then caused the 3:1 ratio.
Punnett Square:
F1 Generation
F2 Generation
2. Mendel derived four principles of inheritance from his genetics experiments with pea plants. Mendel’s first postulate is the unit factors in pairs. This first postulate states that a character is represented in an organism by at least two factors. The two factors lie on the two homologous chromosomes at the same locus. They may represent the same or alternate expression of the same character. Factors representing the alternate or same form of a character are called alleles.
The second postulate is Dominance/Recessiveness. When two homozygous individuals with one or more sets of contrasting characters are crossed, the characters which appear in the hybrids of F1 generation are always the dominant characters and those which do not appear in F1...

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